Bernie Sanders Unleashes a New Ad That Calls Out America’s Rigged Economy

Sen. Bernie Sanders' (I-VT) new ad shows why he is so popular with liberals and why his campaign message is so important.

Obama Blasts Donald Trump’s Sick Forced Deportation Plan Back To The Stone Age

President Obama blasted Donald Trump's suggestion to bring back President Eisenhower's "Operation Wetback" plan and use "Deportation Forces" to kick some 11 million undocumented immigrants out of the country

Tell House Republicans To Pay Back The $5 Million They’ve Wasted On Benghazi Investigation

elijah cummings and trey gowdy

Republicans have spent $5,027,517.23 (to date) and counting on the Select Committee on Benghazi. Tell them ENOUGH.

Hillary Clinton Has Learned How to Fight Republicans And Here’s the Ad to Prove It

It's been a long fight but Hillary Clinton has figured out how to fight Republicans and she has a new ad that proves it. She's going to fight Republicans by making sure Americans know what they are saying.

ObamaCare Is Helping Democrats By Dividing, Conquering, and Devastating Republicans

Republicans ran on repealing ObamaCare but it turns out that didn't really mean repealing ObamaCare. Not all of it. Not the parts that would get really noticed in an election year.

GOP Email Scandal Explodes As Chris Christie Accused of Hiding 9,428 Emails And Documents

Chris Christie loves to pontificate from on high about Hillary Clinton using a private email server during her time as Secretary of State., but papers were just filed in federal court accusing him of hiding thousands of documents, including emails.

Editorial Cartoon: Veterans Day

Editorial cartoon for Veterans Day

Obama Challenges Republicans To Back Up Their Words With Deeds To Support Veterans

The President said it's right that we express our gratitude with parades and ceremonies, but, "Our tributes today will ring hollow if we do not ensure that our veterans receive the care that you have earned and that you deserve."

Million Dollar Baby Donald Trump Once Again Says Wages Are Too High

In case you thought it was a gaffe last night during the debate, asked whether he would support raising the minimum wage, 2016 Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump once again said, "Wages are too high."

Republicans Expect You to Work While Mitch McConnell Gives the Senate A Record Vacation

Mitch McConnell set a very unambitious calendar for 2016, including a nearly two-month August recess.

Danger Ahead: Partial Repeal of Dodd-Frank Is Already Hurting Taxpayers and Economy

Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Rep. Elijah E. Cummings released troubling information from their investigation into the partial repeal of section 716 of President Obama's 2010 Dodd-Frank Act, which was originally designed to prevent taxpayers from having to bailout big banks.

White House Shreds Ben Carson’s Claim That He Was Vetted More Than Obama

White House press secretary Josh Earnest laughed and said he didn't agree with that statement when asked about Ben Carson's assertions that he has faced more scrutiny than any other candidate, including President Barack Obama.

Obama’s Winning Streak Continues: Strongest Three Years of Job Creation Since 2000

Obama and the Democrats Set a Wall Street Reform Trap for the GOP

Unemployment rate ticked down, wages grew, and overall the economy added 271,000 jobs in October -- which makes the last three years the strongest years for job creation since... oh, 2000.

Bernie Sanders Vows to Do Everything He Can to Defeat the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Bernie Sanders (I-VT) issued a statement in which he vowed to do everything he can to defeat the TPP, saying we need trade agreements work for working families, not big corporations.

Jeb Bush Melts Down And Hits Bottom With New Strategy Of Swearing To Win Votes

A plummeting Jeb Bush is reaching for profanity as his lifeline, and it's second hand embarrassment inducing.

Lindsey Graham Calls Reality ‘Crap’ After Benghazi Report Proves There Was No Cover Up

CNN host Gloria Borger confronted Benghazi conspiracy artist Lindsey Graham (R-SC) with the report and he chose to ignore reality and say the report was "crap".

Alison Lundergan Grimes Is Unfazed By New Polls And Confident In Kentucky Voters

In the face of polls that show them trailing, the campaign of Alison Lundergan Grimes is unfazed by the media talk and focused on Election Day.

Republicans Are Disgracing America With Their Talk of Impeaching President Obama

By resorting to threatening to impeach President Obama over his use of executive orders, Republicans are not only humiliating themselves. They are also disgracing the country.

We Want Our Nation Back: How Corporate Controlled Media Is Ruining Your Country

On The Liberal Fix, Sarah Jones discusses how corporate media is eroding freedoms, serving their own interests, and making America less informed.

GOP Holds Stephen Colbert Hostage in the War on Women

Republicans, Tea-Partiers, Conservative Americans, I'm talking to you today from the front lines of Republican War on Women, where an American Hero has been taken prisoner of that war!