Fox News Is Powerless As Republicans Crumble Under Trump Chaos

After abandoning Marco Rubio, Fox News will host a debate where they will be powerless to stop the GOP from crumbling under Trump.

Hillary Clinton Schools Republicans with a SCOTUS Confirmation History Lesson

Hillary Clinton reminded Republicans that President Obama is president until January 20, 2017 and they have a responsibility to vote to confirm Obama's nominee to replace Justice Scalia.

Ted Cruz’s Bad Day Gets Worse As He Gets Caught In A Massive Obamacare Lie

Ted Cruz said Obamacare was the biggest job killer in this country and PolitiFact is not impressed, calling it a pants-on-fire lie.

Trump Brings Down The Republican Party As Ted Cruz Vows Not To Shoot People

trump cruz nevada

The battle for Iowa has unveiled the Republican Party's desperation leading to comments such as, "I can say I have no intention of shooting anybody in this campaign."

White House Rejects Snyder Buck Passing For Flint Water Crisis

"I saw the governor yesterday accepted responsibility. Clearly primary responsibility lies with local and state officials," but he said that won't stop the federal government from helping.

America Is Going Backward at Warp Speed as Republicans Rip More Rights From Women

All across America, lawmakers have been carving away at a woman's right to authority over her own body. The last five years account for more than 1/4 of all abortion restrictions enacted since Roe V Wade.

Promise Fulfilled: Obama’s Moral Mission Has Transformed America For The Better

Seven years in, one thing has become abundantly clear - this President is on a moral mission. Not all people who run for the highest office of the land actually have an agenda to do good for the people, but it appears as though this President did and does.

Obama Wipes Out America’s Bush Disaster With Two Strongest Jobs Years Since Bill Clinton

The White House is taking a victory lap upon the release of the December jobs report, reminding everyone that President Obama said, "The verdict is clear: Middle-class economics works. Expanding opportunity works."

BUSTED: NRA Hypocrite Wayne LaPierre Supported Closing All Loopholes Back in 1999

The NRA's Wayne LaPierre was in favor of universal background checks and closing all loopholes -- way back in 1999.

Martin O’Malley Not Only Praises Obama’s Gun Actions But Calls Them “Critical”

In response to the President's proposals to reduce gun violence, O'Malley brought the discussion home by pointing out that every day we do nothing, we lose more lives.

For It Before He Was Against It: Video Busts Paul Ryan Supporting Obama Gun Action

Speaker Ryan was for addressing background check loopholes at gun shows until he was against it. He's against it now, as Speaker of the crazy House, which is bursting with Republican NRA extremists claiming to represent the "people".

Obama Wipes Out GOP Failure As Median Household Income Returns To Pre-Recession Levels

At long last, median household income has finally recovered from the Bush Recession. You know, the one Republicans denied existed but actually started in 2007.

A Cowardly Donald Trump Attacks Hillary Clinton for Being Cheated On

A scared Donald Trump warned former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton that if she's going to unleash Bill Clinton on Trump, she better not play the "women's card" on him.

Republicans Faceplant As Rand Paul Doubles Down On Trump’s Sexist Attack On Hillary Clinton

clinton benghazi select committee

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) doubled down on Donald Trump's vulgar obsession with Clinton's bathroom breaks, last seen during Trump's she got "schlonged" rant.

Donald Trump Hands Victory To Democrats After Vulgar and Sexist Attack Against Hillary Clinton

Mr. Trump felt the desperate need to attack Hillary Clinton for using a bathroom and then said that she got "schlonged".

Donald Trump Told So Many Lies Fact Checkers Couldn’t Pick Just One for Lie of the Year

Winning Lie of the Year award because out of 77 statements checked, 76 of them were found to be mostly false to false to pants on fire lies, it's Republican front-runner Donald Trump.

Like A Lump Of Coal in Republican Stockings: Donald Trump Is Not Going Anywhere

That big, loud Tartuffe oaf running off at the mouth who thinks killing journalists is no biggie is a real candidate. Donald Trump is not a Republican joke. He is a Republican candidate.

Editorial Cartoon: Assault on America

Editorial cartoon: assault on America

Democrats Outsmart Republicans And Urge Them To Stop Letting Terrorists Legally Buy Guns

Democrats in the House are now begging Republicans to reconsider and allow a vote on the bipartisan "King-Lofgren Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act" so that... you know... people on the terror watch list won't be able to easily and legally buy guns.

Fact Checkers Bust Donald Trump For Two Racist Lies In Less Than A Week

This week alone, PolitiFact has already given Donald Trump two Pants on Fire ratings, both stemming from his racist beliefs.