Republicans Are Screwed As Trump Support Nearly Doubles After Attacking John McCain

Donald Trump tantrum

The Republican attempt to get rid of Donald Trump after he attacked John McCain has backfired, as Trump's support has almost doubled with primary voters.

Poll Reveals Bernie Sanders Shocking The World By Pulling Close To Clinton In New Hampshire

bernie sanders new hampshire

The latest Morning Consult poll of New Hampshire found that Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is running closer than the experts expected to Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire. Sanders trails Clinton by just ten points, 42%-32% in the Granite State.

Bernie Sanders’ Momentum Is Growing As He Gets 41% Support In Wisconsin Straw Poll

The growing momentum surrounding the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign took another step forward over the weekend. In a display of strength, Sanders got 41% of support in the Wisconsin Democratic Party straw poll to 49% for Hillary Clinton.

Poll Finds 80% Of REPUBLICANS Agree With Bernie Sanders On Citizens United

Sen. Bernie Sanders is often characterized by the media as an out of the mainstream presidential candidate, but a new CBS/New York Times poll revealed that 80% of Republicans agree with Sanders on the issue of getting money out of politics.

Hillary Scandals Flop As Clinton Extends Her Lead Over All Republican Candidates

hillary clinton harkin steak fry

A new NBC News poll reveals that the Republican attempts to stop Hillary Clinton have failed as the Democratic frontrunner leads every Republican presidential candidate.

Republican Takeover Of Congress Backfires and Makes Democrats More Popular

According to a new poll, from ABC News/The Washington Post, the American people are noticing John Boehner and Mitch McConnell's failures. Since Republicans took complete control of Congress, congressional Democrats have become even more popular than Republicans.

America Refudiates Sarah Palin As 65% Reject Her Call For Obama Impeachment

Last weekend Sarah Palin claimed that God wants President Obama impeached, but according to a new CNN poll, 65% of the American people disagree with both Palin and her version of God.

A New Hillary Clinton Poll Delivers an Avalanche of Bad News For The GOP

A new CNN poll found that most Americans believe that she will do a better job than President Obama on every issue, which means that Republicans are in a world of hurt if they believe that attacks on Obama will drag Clinton down.

Republican Nightmares Have Come True as 66% Of Americans Want To Keep Their Obamacare

The worst nightmare of the Republican Party has come true as a new Bloomberg poll found that 66% of Americans want to keep their Obamacare.

Democrats Are On a Roll as Even Southern Red States Want To Keep Their Obamacare

The roof has officially fallen in on Republicans as a poll of Southern red states has found that in each state people want to keep their Obamacare.

The American People Rise Up and Demand an End to Government Favoritism of the Rich

After decades of declining incomes an overwhelming majority of Americans finally realize their government exists to favor the rich, and they are demanding change.

Kansas Could Turn Blue as Democrat Leads Republican Gov. Sam Brownback by 4 Points

The Republican Party is so damaged that even in deep red state Kansas, Republican Governor Sam Brownback is trailing Democrat Paul Davis 43%-39%.

Hillary Clinton Crushes All Republicans As Ohio Swings Towards Solid Blue

A poll released by Public Policy Polling reveals just how formidable a presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is and just how damaged the GOP brand has become in the Buckeye State.

Mark Sanford Sinks His Own House Campaign. Can Elizabeth Colbert-Busch Take Advantage?

More troubles for South Carolina's 1st Congressional District candidate, Mark Sanford. He'll face a judge after his special election. This presents an opportunity for Elizabeth Colbert-Busch

Poll: America Wants Congress to Share in the Sacrifice

While Republicans dismiss the President's decision to voluntarily give back 5% of his pay, Americans would like Congress to follow suit.

Mark Sanford’s Very Republican God Redeems His Career: He Is Forgiven So You Must Forget

Former Congressman and South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford is about as immoral and unethical as they get, but God is reviving his career.

The Media Ignores Reality in Order to Deficit Troll and Kill Gun Safety Bills

A new Morning Joe/Marist poll shows that Americans agree with the Democrats on the issues of gun safety legislation and jobs. But you wouldn't know either by how the media reports on both issues.

No Harm, No Foul as Rich Folks Have No Reason To Fear Sequestration

On March 1st a decision will be made that could impact millions for at least 9 years. Jobs will be lost and people will go hungry, but not the rich.

The Conservative Obsession with Liberal Media Bias is Right Wing Propaganda

The "Liberal Media", is a tiresome and wholly inaccurate screed that is the centerpiece of right-wing propaganda.