Media Knowingly Helps Republicans Push Bogus Crime Fears

If you were wondering why the media is suddenly telling you that Americans care more about "crime" than they do…

7 months ago

Despite Cratering Approval Ratings, Josh Hawley Says He Has “Tremendous Support” in Missouri

Prior to the insurrection that he helped ignite, Josh Hawley was considered a rising star in the Republican party. And…

2 years ago

Trump Loses it After New Pennsylvania Poll Shows Him Down 12%

If Donald Trump is going to hold onto the White House in 2020, there are a few states that he…

3 years ago

NY Times Poll Has Biden up by 9% in Tipping Point State Pennsylvania

There are a number of different ways Joe Biden could defeat Donald Trump in the 2020 election. The most two…

3 years ago

New Poll: 56% of Americans Think the Country Is Racist

A clear majority of American voters now believe U.S. society is racist. This represents a significant trend as protests against…

3 years ago

White Voters Are Fleeing Trump And Flocking To Joe Biden

Joe Biden is making double-digit gains with white voters, as a group that carried Trump in 2016 is fleeing the…

3 years ago

Opinion: Most Americans Don’t Want To ‘Reopen’ The Economy The Way Trump Is Moving Us Toward Doing

Americans don't trust President Donald Trump when it comes to what he says about the coronavirus crisis.  And why should…

3 years ago

Americans Give Their Governors A Better Grade Than Trump For Coronavirus Response

Polling on the topic of President Donald Trump's response to the coronavirus crisis has been a mixed bag, with several…

3 years ago

Poll Shows Shift On Approval Of Trump’s Coronavirus Response

How do Americans rate President Donald Trump's job so far in addressing the spread of coronavirus? One poll seems to…

3 years ago

Few Americans Trust Trump To Lead Through Coronavirus Crisis, Poll Finds

President Donald Trump has been talking himself up as the right person for the job to lead on addressing and…

3 years ago

Most Disapprove Of Trump’s Coronavirus Response, Two-Thirds ‘Concerned’ They’ll Get Infected — Poll

How has President Donald Trump done so far when it comes to responding to the coronavirus pandemic and its spread…

3 years ago

Trump Claims Polls Are Saying Biden, Sanders Lose To Him — But They’re Actually Saying Just The Opposite

President Donald Trump quoted a tweet from a "Bernie or Bust" Twitter user on Tuesday, in which that user suggested…

3 years ago

Biden Has Double-Digit Lead Over Trump, Public Prefers A Democratic-Run Congress, Poll Finds

Although the nomination contests to determine who Democrats will choose to be their presidential nominee have not yet completed, both…

3 years ago

Trump Claims He Has Secret Polls Showing Him Beating All The Democrats

After a new round of polls showed him losing to all of the top Democratic candidates, Trump claimed to have…

3 years ago

Newly emboldened Democrats want healthcare protected – and Trump impeached: Reuters/Ipsos poll

Democrats have a clear message for party leaders who will take control of the U.S. House of Representatives next year,…

5 years ago

GOP Humiliation: Trumpcare Didn’t Even Have Majority Support Among Trump Voters

Even though Republicans are scrambling to move on from their health care collapse, the epic GOP humiliation lives on.

6 years ago

Republican Poll Shows Trump Approval Tanking By Double Digits Since Inauguration

The American people have come to the conclusion that he just isn't fit to hold this office.

6 years ago

Trump In Panic Mode As Clinton Seizes The Lead In Iowa – His Strongest Swing State

Nobody seems to be paying attention to Iowa anymore, but it's a tight contest that Hillary Clinton's ground operation could…

7 years ago

Trump Is Ahead In Zero National Polls While The Media Continues ‘Close Race’ Narrative

Cable news continues to hype the "close race" narrative, but Trump wasn't leading in a single national poll released Thursday.

7 years ago

Three New Polls Shatter The Myth That The Presidential Election Is Tightening

Three new polls, one national and two states, have killed the Republican hopes that the presidential election is tightening.

7 years ago

In Disaster Town Hall, Trump Rambles About Polls Before Mentioning Hurricane Matthew

Trump rambled about polls and Clinton's debate prep before sending thoughts to the areas threatened by the incoming hurricane.

7 years ago

Young Voters Considering Third-Party Candidates Need A Reality Check

Whether you like it or not, the next president's name will either be Hillary or Donald. Once you accept this…

7 years ago

Note To Liberals: It’s Not Time To Panic About The Polls

The favorable polls for Trump were taken during a time of not-so-favorable news coverage for Hillary Clinton.

7 years ago

Hillary Clinton Leads Donald Trump By Seven Points In New National Poll

While the media continues to perpetuate the myth that the race between the two candidates is a nail-biter, the polling…

7 years ago

These Two Critical Swing States Are Quickly Shifting Toward Hillary Clinton

Removing these two states from the list of battlegrounds doesn't just make Trump's path to victory narrow – it makes…

7 years ago

Sorry, Trump Supporters, But You Are The Loud Minority, Not The Silent Majority

It's clear that Trump supporters are neither silent nor do they represent a majority. Instead, they are a loud sliver…

7 years ago

Donald Trump’s Poll Bounce Is Already Beginning To Recede

Last week, Trump supporters jumped all over a few polls that showed him beating Hillary Clinton. It looks like his…

7 years ago

Jeb Bush Melts Down And Hits Bottom With New Strategy Of Swearing To Win Votes

A plummeting Jeb Bush is reaching for profanity as his lifeline, and it's second hand embarrassment inducing.

8 years ago

No Republican Wave: Senate Polls Show More Good News For Democrats

Two new polls of the Senate races in Kansas and North Carolina reveal that a Republican wave remains media wishful…

9 years ago

Poll Fishing: How Today’s Media Distorts Data to Drive Ratings

Recent polls have shown Barack Obama's approval rating on the decline. However, who exactly is "disapproving" of him tells the…

10 years ago

The Left Cannot Afford to Keep Neglecting the Language and Framing of Politics

The right wing has been winning over Americans for decades by framing the political debate so liberals must reclaim the…

11 years ago

Obama Blasting Romney’s Updated Bush Policies in Swing States

Obama is leading Romney in eight swing states while Romney leads in only three. Perhaps this is because Republicans say…

11 years ago