Marjorie Taylor Greene Embarrasses Herself Appearing To Not Know POTUS Is The Commander In Chief

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) showed her lack of knowledge about the basics of the US government by referring to…

9 months ago

Opinion: 12 Days of Silence On Niger Tragedy Exposes Donald Trump As A Fake Patriot

Donald Trump's handling of the aftermath of the Niger tragedy, which claimed the lives of four American servicemen, has caused…

5 years ago

One Bush is Like Another: Jeb Doesn’t Know. Jeb Doesn’t Care

It is hard to believe Jeb Bush really wants to be president, with the things he says. Maybe it's just…

8 years ago

President Obama And Bill Clinton Put Republicans To Shame With Twitter Takeover

President Obama and former President Bill Clinton got more attention than the Republican presidential candidates combined with a good-natured exchange…

8 years ago

Supreme Court Ready to Violate the Constitution Again With Obamacare Ruling

The Supreme Court cannot compel the president to eliminate or rewrite Obamacare. Doing so would violate the Constitution.

10 years ago

Living Proof That Obama is a Christian…It’s In the Bible

When President Obama spoke up and said he supported same sex marriage, then yes, he is doing God's work. Why?…

11 years ago