We’re Thinking About the Minimum Wage All Wrong

Dr. Sarah Jane Glynn, an expert in employment, work, and family issues at the Center for American Progress, says that…

1 year ago

Opinion: Alicia Garza and William Barber Explain Why Black Lives Matter is the Ultimate Antidote to Trumpism

Recent polling indicates that an overwhelming number of Americans, close to 75%, support the protests, inspired by George Floyd’s murder,…

2 years ago

Opinion: Trump Attacks Own Base by Slashing Funding to Rural School Districts

We hear these days about the importance of the African American vote within the Democratic base, and rightly so. This…

2 years ago

Opinion: Can LeBron James Re-Define the Damaging Success Story Americans Have Come to Love?

When Josh Jacobs was drafted by the Oakland Raiders in the first round of the 2019 NFL draft, he received…

2 years ago

Opinion: American Lives Depend on Telling True Story of Trump’s Life-Destroying Economy

What is the story of the U.S. economy? Not unlike the proverbial elephant subject to scrutiny by a band of…

2 years ago

Cooked: Survival by Zip Code Re-Defines Poverty, Racism, and Climate Change as Disasters

Trump’s controversial tweet about sending the squad of four— Representatives Ayanna Pressley, Alexandra Ocasio Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar—back to…

3 years ago

Opinion: Sam Brownback Vetoes Republican Medicaid Expansion Legislation

"We have the ability to help people who truly need it the most. We have the ability to make a…

5 years ago

Opinion: Iowa GOP Reverses Existing Minimum Wage Hikes and Ban Future Increases

“It's the first time a state nullified local wage ordinances already in effect and forced [local] jurisdictions to [immediately] reduce…

5 years ago

The Shock and Trauma to the Nation Continues as Trump Nominees Are Named

With each announcement the shock and trauma of what’s happening to this country, the civil rights of its citizens, and…

5 years ago

Stronger Together: Hear Us ‘Roar’ on and beyond Election Day

The election results will the story of the hopes and dreams this country has for its future.

6 years ago

A Major Clinton Endorsement Includes A Stark Warning About Trump

Our values, national identity and enduring power of the Constitution, even democracy itself are in question; it is a frightening…

6 years ago

Hillary Clinton’s Plan To Reduce Poverty Exudes Compassion

“With all of our country’s resources, no child...should ever go to sleep hungry or without a place to call home.…

6 years ago

Hillary Clinton’s Brilliant Education Plan Will Work And End Education Wars

Clinton promises to be a champion for education by not taking advice from people interested in breaking unions and privatizing…

6 years ago

Hillary Clinton Puts Paul Ryan’s Sham Poverty Concern To Shame With Appalachia Tour

While Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is talking about poverty while attempting to slash programs for the poor, Democratic…

6 years ago

D.O.J. Orders Stop to Criminalizing Homelessness and Poverty

Attorney General Lynch demands a halt to criminalizing homelessness for profit.

6 years ago

Reagan Started the GOP’s Fascism Destroying America From Within

Reagan ushered in the first step of fascism, economic stagnation, when his extremist trickle down economic theory was imposed on…

6 years ago

Half Of America is Now Impoverished Because the Koch-Republicans Destroyed the Middle Class

The percentage of middle-class households dropped in every state in the Union between 2000 and 2013, along with median income

6 years ago

More Studies Prove The Economy Always Does Better When A Democrat Is President

"The two Democratic presidents have produced jobs at 7 times the rate of the two Bushes or 2.1 million versus…

7 years ago

To Address America’s Poverty Epidemic Doctors To Start Screening For Child Hunger

According to pediatricians, doctors should start screening their child patients for hunger, and the lesser-known problem of food insecurity

7 years ago

President Obama Acts To Stop the Unconstitutional Criminalizing of Homelessness

The Obama White House this week took steps to force communities to halt the "cruel, inhumane, and degrading" treatment of…

7 years ago