Don’t Be Fooled Because Kansas Republicans Admit Trickle Down Is a Scam

Kansas' Republican legislators are all but admitting their precious trickle down experiment was not only a failure, it is a scam. In fact, although not quite stating "our only economic policy is a scam to enrich corporations and the wealthy," just admitting they have to raise taxes to plug gaping revenue holes and more recently, that income inequality is a problem in America, is just as good.

Republicans Push the Benghazi Video Lie to Discredit Hillary Clinton

But there really was an offensive video, and it did actually offend Muslims, and it did actually play a role in the attack that left four Americans dead

Another Huge Obama Win: 12 Million Have Chosen Private Policies Through Obamacare Exchanges

Republicans were wrong again. 12 million people have chosen private policies through Obamacare exchanges.

Ben Carson Won’t Stop Comparing President Obama To A Psychopath

Ben carson 2016

On Friday, Ben Carson doubled down by repeating his theme that President Barack Obama reminded him of a psychopath.

Boehner and McConnell Balance Their Budget on the Backs of the American People

Republicans are making much of their "balanced" budget but this "work harder for less" budget is not really balanced at all

Debunking The Lie That Obama Was Forced To Apologize For The Deaths of 2 US Hostages

Republicans and the media are accusing President Obama of being forced to apologize for the deaths of two Americans who were killed in a US drone strike, but the reality is that it was the White House who gave the scoop to the media.

Boehner Attempts to Undermine the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Republicans are more than willing to waste money to help the rich and corporations, but money spent protecting the rest of us is "wasteful"

Public Support For Obamacare Grows As Less Than 30 Percent Of Americans Support Repeal

A Kaiser Health Tracking Survey finds that more Americans now have a favorable opinion of Obamacare than an unfavorable one.

Hobby Lobby II Case Could Impose Right Wing Evangelical Tyranny On Health Insurers

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito opened a Pandora's box that has the potential to give some corporations the right to impose their "deeply held" religious objections to birth control on other corporations.

Republicans Admit Defeat and Silently Surrender In Their War On Obamacare

obama on the 5th anniversary of Obamacare

While Republicans aren't waving the white flag publicly, the GOP is becoming quietly aware that they have lost their war against Obamacare.

Another Obamacare Win: Red State Montana House Passes Medicaid Expansion

Montana's House voted 54-46 to approve federal subsidies for Medicaid expansion, with 13 Republicans joining 41 Democrats to pass the bill.

Montana House Refuses To Follow Other Red States Down The “Religious Freedom” Rabbit Hole

The Montana House failed to pass a "religious freedom" to discriminate bill, deadlocking on a 50-50 vote on Friday.

GOP Solicits Obamacare “Horror Stories” But Gets Bombarded With Positive ACA Testimonials

Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers solicited Obamacare "horror stories" on Facebook, but instead got bombarded with positive ACA testimonials.

Obama’s Cleveland Appearance Leaves Boehner No Other Option but to Lie – Again

Eviscerated by President Obama in Cleveland, Speaker Boehner had no option but to try to bury Obama's budget in well-tried but obvious lies

Countering GOP Obstruction Obama Initiative Creates 500,000 High-Paying Jobs

The President launched an initiative last week to train 500,000 Americans for high-paying jobs in high-technology services.

John Boehner’s Defense of the GOP Budget is Pure Fiction, if Lies Can be Called Pure

John Boehner wants you to believe the demands of ideology over demonstrable facts, the same recipe that led us to the crash of 2008

Congressional Republicans Are Still Angry They Are Not The President

The latest outrage, the open letter signed by 47 Republican senators, is the greatest sign to date that the spoiled little children are throwing a fit and are furious they are not allowed to be president and control foreign policy.

“Tehran Tom” Cotton’s Iran Blunder Has Made Him the New Hanoi Jane

tom cotton morning joe

As the saying goes, stupidity is its own reward, and Republican Senator Tom Cotton has certainly proven the truth of that anonymous proverb

Jeb Bush Tells Iowans Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton Let Us Down

Jeb Bush can look at an Iraq wracked by civil war and marauding barbarians, and somehow imagine that America power is a force for good.

Obama Recovery In Full Swing As Unemployment Fell In Every One Of The 50 States Last Year

Every U.S. state and the District of Columbia, saw their unemployment rate drop from 2013 to 2014.