Opinion: Trump’s Ed. Secretary DeVos Made It Harder To Repay Student Loans

Betsy DeVos eliminated President Obama's policies to make student loan repayment easier and to prevent student loan recipients from defaulting.

House Republicans Just Voted To Bar The EPA From Using Scientific Data

The vote comes a day after Trump signed an executive order dismantling environmental protections enacted under President Obama.

John McCain Tells Trump To Retract His Baseless Wiretap Allegation Against Obama

President Trump should either provide evidence of his charge that former President Barack Obama wiretapped him or he should retract his accusation, Senator John McCain (R-AZ) said during a Sunday appearance on CNN’s State of the Union.

Trump Accuses President Obama of Being President While He Was President

Trump accused Obama of secretly communicating with Vladimir Putin while he was President. That is to say, of being President while he was President.

A Humble Former President Obama Graciously Accepts The Passing Of The JFK Torch To Him

The John F Kennedy Library foundation awarded President Barack Obama its “Profile in Courage” award Thursday, saying "He picked up the torch from President Kennedy" and citing Obama's profound "grace under pressure."

Always Our President: Massive Lines Form For Tickets To Obama’s Farewell Address

The long lines to get tickets to see one of the best modern presidents say farewell are indicative of the feelings of a majority of this country.

President Obama’s Message of Hope: ‘Democracy Bigger Than Any One Person’

“The next American president and I could not be more different…But American democracy is bigger than any one person.”

President Obama Shows Donald Trump More Courtesy and Respect Than He Deserves

President Obama did the right thing this Wednesday morning, because that is who he is and what he does.

The President showed Donald Trump more courtesy and respect than the birther powered to the White House by the KKK and neo-Nazis deserved by calling Donald Trump to congratulate him on his victory.

Trump Says We Have No Choice, a Muslim Student’s Emotional Appeal Shows We Do

Trump asks, "Do we really have a choice?" to which Aleena Khan says, "And all I ask is for acceptance and tolerance from others"

Tim Kaine Blasts Donald Trump and Mike Pence for Disrespecting President Obama

Tim Kaine said, “Anybody who would question that leadership, to me is just an irrational hostility to President Obama that they are revealing that has been part of their thinking since the very first day of his office.”

President Obama is Officially America’s Greatest Job Creator President

Guess who gets no credit for record setting job growth that is hardly a one-off since it's going on for 78 months? Yeah, that's right. President Barack Obama.

President Obama Tears Republicans A New One For Continuing To Support Unfit Trump

Donald Trump is "unfit to serve as president," and "woefully unprepared," President Obama said during a joint press conference with Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. Obama blasted Republicans for continuing to endorse Donald Trump when they keep having to distance themselves from things Trump is saying.

President Obama Blasts Senate Republicans for Playing ‘Political Football’ with Democracy

More than four months after he nominated Justice Garland, the President wrote an impassioned plea about why we must not let the highest court in the land become "political football" because to do so threatens the process of democracy.

Watch Live: President Obama’s Remarks at Interfaith Memorial Service in Dallas

The President will give remarks today at 1:40 ET at an Interfaith memorial service in Dallas. As he always does, President Obama will probably break our hearts a bit and then shine a light on the path we need to focus on to be better.

Paul Ryan, The Architect of Obstruction, Accuses Dems of Attack on Bipartisanship

Ryan accuses Democrats of attacking bipartisanship even though he was in the room of GOP luminaries who decided to obstruct Obama