Obama Sets a Tea Party Trap

Obama at CNBC town hall

President Obama participated in CNBC's Investing in America Town Hall today where he called out the Tea Party and told them to get specific about exactly what spending they would cut. Obama said, "It's not enough just to say get control of spending. I think it's important for you to say I'm willing to cut veteran's benefits, or I willing to cut Medicare or Social Security benefits."

Can Barack Obama Ever Be Enough to Satisfy Us?

From the time that Barack Obama campaigned for the Democratic Nomination for President to a year and a half into his Presidency, he has been hammered by the GOP, the media, big corporations, the Tea Party and even some Democrats for not being enough. Every day there is an attack on Obama for never being enough of something. Can we ever be satisfied?

The Left’s Irrational Obama Anger Management Issue

obama smiling

There is a great deal of generalized anger towards President Barack Obama from the Left which reared its ugly head last night after his Oval Office address on the Gulf oil spill. The anger the left has at Obama over his Healthcare Reform bill is based in the fact that Obama sacrificed the public option, but is their anger rational or justified?

President Obama Takes Back Thomas Jefferson From the Tea Party

While speaking at Hampton University today, President Barack Obama did something subtle today. He took Thomas Jefferson and the actions of the Revolutionary War patriots away from the Tea Party and applied them to all America, "What Jefferson recognized, like the rest of that gifted generation, was that in the long run, their improbable experiment, America, wouldn't work if its citizens were uninformed."