President Biden

Why Did Conservatives Spend Easter in Hysterics and Manufactured Outrage?

Why Did Conservatives Spend Easter in Hysterics and Manufactured Outrage?

Conservatives spent Easter weekend lying about President Biden and trying to divide Americans because they cannot run on their policies,…

2 weeks ago

Joe Biden Is Out There Making Jokes About Broke Trump

At a campaign event, President Joe Biden joked about Donald Trump's financial problems.

4 weeks ago

Dean Phillips Issues A Kind Endorsement Of Biden As He Drops Out

Dean Phillips officially ended his presidential campaign and spoke kindly of President Biden while endorsing him.

1 month ago

Biden Trounces Trump On His Own Issue At The Border

The border was supposed to be Donald Trump's issue, but President Biden went to the border and outsmarted him.

1 month ago

John Fetterman Calls Joe Biden A “Tough Motherf*cker”

While campaigning for President Biden and Sen. Jackie Rosen in Nevada, Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) called President Biden a "tough…

2 months ago

Biden Plans A Brilliant Move On The Anniversary Of Trump’s Insurrection

President Biden isn't letting the anniversary of Trump's insurrection pass unnoticed. The President will be holding a campaign event on…

3 months ago

Biden Puts Congressional Republicans On Blast Over Ukraine Aid

President Biden blasted Congressional Republicans for holding aid for Ukraine hostage and jeopardizing national security.

4 months ago

Biden Hammers Tommy Tuberville After Military Holds End

President Biden showed his anger and frustration after Sen. Tommy Tuberville finally ended his holds and hundreds of military promotions…

4 months ago

Biden Says Gaza Hostage Release Should Bring More Americans Home

President Biden said that this Israel/Hamas hostage deal that his administration deserves credit for should bring home American hostages.

5 months ago

The Senate Has Now Confirmed 50 Black Judges to Federal Bench Under Biden

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) celebrated the milestone of the Senate having confirmed 50 Black judges to the federal…

5 months ago

Biden Celebrates UAW Victory As A Win For Workers

President Biden had some powerful words of congratulations for UAW workers at the White House.

6 months ago

Big Speech Tonight: Biden to Give Second Formal Oval Office Speech of His Presidency

President Biden will give a big prime time speech tonight at 8 PM Eastern to discuss the U.S. response to…

6 months ago

Kevin McCarthy Blames Biden For Israel Attack And Doesn’t Seem To Know He’s Not Speaker

Kevin McCarthy blamed  President Biden for the attack on Israel while he offered to come back as Speaker of the…

6 months ago

Biden Is Having None Of The Media BS About Democrats Catering To Republicans

President Biden was asked why he didn't speak to former Speaker McCarthy more, and his answer shot down the idea…

6 months ago

Biden Has Clearly Had Enough Of Kevin McCarthy’s Lies

President Biden let some anger creep into his voice as he talked about how Kevin McCarthy and House Republicans tried…

7 months ago

Ron DeSantis Refuses To Meet With President Biden In Florida

President Biden said that he would meet with the governor while touring hurricane damage in Florida, but Ron DeSantis backed…

8 months ago

Kevin McCarthy To Investigate Biden For Hawaii Wildfires

Speaker Kevin McCarthy is going to Hawaii to see the wildfire damage and to announce a House investigation into President…

8 months ago

Biden Admin Issues Resources to Lawfully Advance Diversity in Higher Education Admissions

The Biden-Harris administration announced the first set of resources from the U.S. Departments of Education and Justice on Monday to…

8 months ago

Biden DOJ Sues Greg Abbott For ‘Dangerous and Unlawful’ Barriers in Rio Grande

The Department of Justice just filed a lawsuit against Governor Abbott to force Texas to remove floating barriers in the…

9 months ago

Biden Turns The Tables On Marjorie Taylor Greene For Unintentionally Endorsing Him

President Biden noted that 40 million people watched his video in which Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) endorsed him.

9 months ago

Pressure Works: President Biden Delivers Relief For Millions On Hidden Junk Fees

President Biden has recognized the actions of private sector ticketing and travel companies to eliminate hidden junk fees and provide…

10 months ago

Biden’s State Of The Union Was A Joyous MAGA Killer

President Biden's State Of The Union was full of optimism, bipartisanship, joy. It was the anti-MAGA.

1 year ago

Biden May Announce His Reelection Campaign As Soon As February

It is being reported that President Biden could announce that he is running for a second term before the State…

1 year ago

Biden Shows America What A Real President Who Gets Things Done Looks Like

In a display of total confidence, President Biden was asked what gives him the confidence Congress will pass Build Back…

2 years ago