Trump Says He Wants to Debate Biden with Joe Rogan as Moderator Even Though Debates Are Already Set

Trump gives lifeless Republican acceptance speech

President Donald Trump says he’s in favor of debating Democrat Joe Biden with podcast host and UFC commentator Joe Rogan as a moderator. The problem: Debates have already been set.

“I do!” the president wrote after UFC fighter Tim Kennedy suggested the two presidential candidates should debate for “four hours with no live audience” to share “their vision of how to move this country forward.” read more

Geraldo Rivera: Biden Would Struggle “Debating a Force of Nature Like Donald Trump”

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Geraldo Rivera has claimed Joe Biden would have difficulty debating Donald Trump because the President is a “force of nature.” The Fox News personality had nothing but praise for Trump.

Rivera spoke to the Fox News morning show Fox & Friends on Friday and slammed former Vice President Biden’s debating skills. Criticisms of Biden’s “gaffes” are now a consistent part of conservative media’s attacks on him. read more

James Carville Predicts “Doofus” Trump Won’t Show Up to Debates with Biden

James Carville tells Bernie Sanders to end his campaign

Veteran Democratic strategist James Carville thinks Donald Trump will duck out of debates with Joe Biden. He sees a completely opposite situation to the one painted by Republicans.

While the President’s allies have tried to claim Biden is afraid to debate, Carville argued the reverse. He spoke to MSNBC’s Brian Williams about a new article by Thomas Friedman discussing the debates. read more