Fox News’ Shepard Smith Tees Off On ‘Crazy’ Trump, Says America Deserves Answers

Shepard Smith

Smith has had enough of Trump's insanity.

After Avoiding The Media Since Last Summer, Trump To Hold Press Conference On Jan. 11

trump press conference

But let's not pretend that taking a series of questions from reporters – without Don King waving flags by his side – is something that should be praised.

The Media’s Obsession With Hillary Clinton’s Emails Is An Insult To All Voters

This tired attempt to revive these scandals in order to create the illusion of a horse race is not serving the public.

Hillary Clinton Should Bury Donald Trump By Holding A Press Conference

Hillary Clinton needs to do a press conference because not doing one allows this false equivalency with Donald Trump's assault on the free press to continue, and in no way is Clinton less transparent than Trump. Her whole life has already been vetted and has been lived in the public eye.

The Media Has Had Enough Of Donald Trump As The First Amendment Strikes Back

After Donald Trump attacked the media at his press conference, the media attacked back.

President Obama Expresses Confidence That Democrats Will Keep The White House In 2016

President Obama speaks at a press conference in Paris

President Obama responded to a question about his successor keeping any climate change agreements by expressing confidence that Democrats will keep the White House in 2016.

Obama Sends Strong Signal That He Would Veto Bill Authorizing Keystone XL Construction

obama press conference keystone xl

President Obama was asked about Keystone XL during his year end press conference and the he responded by tearing the Republican Party's Keystone XL lies to shreds while sending the strongest signal yet that he will veto the bill Republicans are expected to pass authorizing construction of the pipeline next month.

President Obama Tears Apart CNN’s Lazy and Biased Press Conference Question

During a joint press conference with Prime Minister Abe of Japan, CNN embarrassed themselves with a biased question that President Obama dismantled with facts.

Obama Destroys the Media BS That The American People Have Lost Confidence In Him


Julie Pace of the AP asked the president, “When you look at polling, talk to Americans, they seem to have lost confidence in you, trust in you. Your credibility has taken a hit, obviously the healthcare law was a part of that, so do you understand that the public has changed their view of you over this last year?” read more

It Takes Just 10 Sentences For Obama to Obliterate Republicans on the Debt Ceiling

The Republican argument for not raising the debt ceiling is so weak that President Obama destroyed it in 10 sentences during his press conference today.

Obama Slams Citizens United and the Koch Brothers for Skewing Our Politics

During his press conference today, President Obama took aim at Citizens United and the Koch brothers for causing many of the problems in Washington, and skewing American politics.

Obama, ‘Republicans Will Not Collect a Ransom in Exchange for Not Crashing the Economy.’

President Obama delivered a strong message to House Republicans today. Obama said, 'Republicans will not collect a ransom in exchange for not crashing our economy.'

Obama Uses His Press Conference to Set a Tax Cut Trap for House Republicans

President Obama used his press conference in order to set a trap for House Republicans that will leave them in a lose/lose situation on the Bush tax cuts.

Todd Akin Tells the GOP to Kiss The Missouri Senate Seat Goodbye

In a brief statement, Todd Akin essentially told the Republican Party to forget about defeating Claire McCaskill because he is going to be in the race until November.

PM Cameron Praises Obama’s Tough, Reasonable Approach to Iran

Today during their live press conference, UK Prime Minister Cameron praised President Obama on his Iran strategy, saying Obama’s “tough, reasonable approach has united the world” behind the sanctions. read more