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The GOP Attempts to Drag America Back to Their Imaginary Conservative Utopia

Republicans adopted positions in their platform which are steeped in ideological purity that defines the party as angry, white, patriarchal,…

9 years ago

The Ghost of Ayn Rand Haunts Paul Ryan

Don't tell Paul Ryan, but many of his positions go against everything that Ayn Rand stood for.

9 years ago

How Many Otherwise Socially Liberal Men Have Abandoned Reproductive Rights?

Some of Ron Paul's otherwise socially liberal followers are an example of men who have turned their backs on reproductive…

10 years ago


The ghost of Christmas past haunted Ebeneezer Scrooge, and was 1/3 of the spirit that changed Scrooge around and it…

10 years ago

Republican Offers Rape Victims 72 Hours of Freedom

No, I kid, I kid. The Republicans have come a long way. Sure, according to Rachel Maddow, “…the Republican Party…

11 years ago

Nuns Diss Bishops by Supporting Healthcare: Only Fake Christians Left

The Nuns have came together to say they care MORE about pragmatic reality, MORE about helping people, MORE about correcting…

12 years ago

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