Republican Offers Rape Victims 72 Hours of Freedom

New World Order: Get Your Checkbooks out, Boys

No, I kid, I kid. The Republicans have come a long way. Sure, according to Rachel Maddow, “…the Republican Party is, without actually talking about it, this year, nominating a group of candidates for top of the ticket races that are more extreme on the issue of abortion than any other slate of top-of-the-ticket candidates in any year.”

Nuns Diss Bishops by Supporting Healthcare: Only Fake Christians Left


The Nuns have came together to say they care MORE about pragmatic reality, MORE about helping people, MORE about correcting the unjust practices in the current healthcare system than they do obeying the patriarchs of the Catholic Church, who are cynically catering to political powers. This is a gift to humanity, the women’s movement, social justice, Democrats, and certainly Jesus if one believes.