Lou Dobbs Goes to War with MSNBC

On his radio show today Lou Dobbs declared MSNBC the attack dogs for the White House. He claimed that MSNBC has manufactured a story against him. Dobbs said, "These people over at MSNBC have moved so far to the left they will do almost anything to hold in the good graces of the Obama White House." So, the White House and MSNBC are out to get Lou Dobbs?

Pat Buchanan Continues to Bash Sotomayor and Hispanics

Ever since Sonia Sotomayor was nominated for the Supreme Court, MSNBC's Pat Buchanan has been bashing her as an unqualified Affirmative Action baby. His comments reached their zenith on The Rachel Maddow Show where he claimed that the US was built by white people and have continued today. Here are some videos of Buchanan's recent race based attacks on Sotomayor.

Ed Schultz Calls Rush Limbaugh a Coward

Ed Schultz responded to Rush Limbaugh's attack on him today by challenging the right wing talk show host to come on his MSNBC show and debate him about anything. Schultz said, "Your audience hates me. They would love to see you stick it to me, but you won't do it, because you're a coward Rush."

Yes, Big Brother is Watching You

With the revelation that the CIA's domestic spying program is bigger than we ever thought, it is clear that there are a lot of very busy people, poking around in our daily business. We can only hope that not only are there many many people watching us, but that some of them might actually be watching the bad guys, the dangerous terrorists.

Donny Deutsch Blasts the Deification of Michael Jackson

On MSNBC's The Ed Show tonight Donny Deutsch was supposed to be on to talk about the future sales of Michael Jackson's music, but that was tossed aside as, Deutsch said, "I think as a country we have lost our minds a little bit...People who are crying in the streets who don't know him, they need to maybe get a little bit of a life." Check out the video.

MSNBC: Palin to Quit Politics

The bizarre story of Sarah Palin's resignation continues to grow as MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell is reporting that people close to Sarah Palin have told her that Palin is completely fed up with politics, and is leaving political life for good. If you believe that Sarah Palin is really going to leave national politics for good, I have a bridge to sell you.