Pro-Trump Conspiracy-Laden Epoch Times is Now Fourth Most Subscribed Newspaper in America

Pro-Trump Conspiracy-Laden Epoch Times is Now Fourth Most Subscribed Newspaper in America

The pro-Trump, conspiracy-laden Epoch Times is now the 4th-most subscribed to newspaper in America according to a new NBC report.…

2 months ago

Utah’s GOP Governor Spencer Cox Says Fox is Killing People With COVID Propaganda

There are some Republican governors, like Ron DeSantis or Kristi Noem, that don't seem to care if their constituents die…

2 years ago

Bill Gates Responds to Fox News Lies About the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in an all hands on deck response from many business owners. Among the most prominent CEO's…

3 years ago

Opinion: How Messaging Destroyed the Democracy Show

Three years of Donald Trump and his crazy reality show showed us how messaging destroyed the democracy show. You may…

4 years ago

Opinion: #Brokeahontus Is The Latest Attempt To Out Trump Trump

I seldom pay attention to stories about the trending hashtags on Twitter. Yet, #Brokeahontus caught my eye. Not because it…

5 years ago

Facebook expands fake election news fight, but falsehoods still rampant

By Joseph Menn SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Facebook Inc on Wednesday said it would team with two U.S. non-profits to…

5 years ago

Fox News Cements Legacy As Propaganda Network By Refusing To Show Ad Critical of Trump

By refusing to air this ad, Fox News is protecting its viewers from a reality they don't want to see…

6 years ago

Trump Falls Flat On His Face By Attacking The Wrong Theresa May On Twitter

This petty attack on one of our closest allies was embarrassing enough. But he solidified his image as the laughingstock…

6 years ago

GOP-led FCC media rule rollback could usher in TV station buying spree

The Republican-led Federal Communications Commission is moving to quickly undo roadblocks to increased consolidation among media companies, potentially unleashing an…

6 years ago

Democrats Investigate Trump EPA Head For Illegal Use Of Taxpayer Money On Propaganda Video

Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt made a propaganda video for a private group opposing regulations he is supposed to…

6 years ago

Trump’s New Jobs Plan Is To Hire People To Make Coins With His Face On Them

It was three minutes of North Korea-style propaganda, served up to portray Trump as a president who's fighting for working…

6 years ago

Facebook says likely Russian-based operation spent money on ads on issues

Facebook Inc said on Wednesday it had found that an influence operation likely based in Russia spent $100,000 on thousands…

6 years ago

U.S. forces apologize for ‘highly offensive’ Afghan propaganda leaflet

A senior U.S. commander in Afghanistan apologized on Wednesday for a "highly offensive" leaflet which contained a passage from the…

6 years ago

Opinion: Trump’s Domestic Religious Crusade Has Begun in Earnest

The deliberate omission of white extremist attacks is necessary for Trump to convince Americans that the only one thing they…

7 years ago

Holocaust Remembrance Day Reminds Us Why Resisting Trump Matters

Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day. It’s an important reminder of where hate leads.

7 years ago

Lewandowski’s Lie Is Probably Preparation For Trump’s Greatest Con on Americans

Lewandowski repeated a Trump campaign lie and said: “Donald Trump won the election campaign by the largest majority since Ronald…

7 years ago

Obama’s White House Fights Back By Going On Fox News And Debunking The Propaganda

The appearance by Dep. National Sec. Advisor Tony Blinken on Fox News Sunday was an example of the Obama White…

9 years ago

Republicans Who Praise Ted Nugent Should Be Regarded as Nazi Sympathizers

There is a saying that a person is known by the company they keep, and the Republicans praising, excusing and…

10 years ago

ABC Faces No Consequences for Passing Republican Propaganda Off as Fact

Republicans are in the habit of planting stories in the press, and your "free press" falls for it over and…

11 years ago

Lipstick Liberal Explains Republican Propaganda

Feeding the GOP propaganda machine is a necessity in the minds of the GOP.

11 years ago

The Anatomy of a Republican Propaganda Campaign

Unlike the test marketed talking points on health care and tax reform, the mythology from which GOP propaganda on fast…

11 years ago

Elizabeth Warren a Communist Because She Supports Everything Conservatives Hate

Hate group president Brian Carmenker says that Elizabeth Warren is a communist because she supports everything conservatives hate

12 years ago

Giving Limbaugh the Bum’s Rush

27 years of inflammatory speech have finally caught fire in a campaign that hopes to send Rush Limbaugh into retirement.

12 years ago

Taking the Low Road: The GOP’s Demonization of Government Benefits

In order to eliminate Social Security and Medicare, Republicans use entitlement society language to stigmatize using government benefits.

12 years ago

2012 Primer: Wearing Down The Masses With Anti-Obama Propaganda

In the years after the President Obama's inauguration, America has been bombarded with insinuations, unfounded allegations, that are designed to…

12 years ago

Money and Lies at the Heart of Republican Strategy in 2010

They blame healthcare reform but if any physicians drop their patients, it won't be because of "Obamacare." It will be…

13 years ago

Rush Limbaugh Claims that Obama is Using 9/11 As Propaganda

On his radio show today, Rush Limbaugh claimed that Obama's declaration of 9/11 as a day of service is really…

14 years ago

Fox News Uses Doctored Video to Smear Al Gore

Laura Ingraham was guest hosting The O'Reilly Factor last night, and she went on the attack against Al Gore. She…

15 years ago

Right Wing Extremist Groups On the Rise since Obama’s Election

A threat analysis done by the Department of Homeland Security in cooperation with the FBI has found that the combination…

15 years ago

Sarah Palin’s Lies and Half Truths about Drilling in ANWR

In an editorial written for today's Minneapolis Star Tribune Alaska Gov.

15 years ago

Big Skies in Schweitzer’s Future

Poor Brian Schweitzer. Or maybe not. After a phenomenal, grounded, very human speech in Denver last night, all attention is…

15 years ago

Golden Realities: Politics and the Olympics

Despite the supposed political neutrality that the Olympic Games carries within its very essence, some had come to question the…

15 years ago

McCain Campaign Lied About Town Hall Meeting

Republican presidential candidate John McCain held a town hall meeting in New York City that was carried live on Fox…

16 years ago

The Iran War: Sale Pending

While the majority of the world rested easy after the intellegence assessment revealing that Iran had no nuclear weapons, nor…

16 years ago