Protesters Storm Capitol Hill And Get Arrested for Demonstrating Against Brett Kavanaugh

On Capitol Hill, protesters of Brett Kavanaugh are making their feelings known on Thursday and getting arrested for it

Trump Welcomed Back To NYC By Hundreds Of Protesters Chanting ‘Lock Him Up’

If Robert Mueller's special counsel investigation continues to unfold the way it currently is, the "lock him up" chants could become a reality.

Pro-Trump ‘Mother Of All Rallies’ On D.C.’s National Mall Sees Laughable Turnout

If you're going to name your event the "Mother of all Rallies," you should probably make sure a sizable number of people show up.

Hundreds Of Protesters In Deep Red Kentucky Greet Trump Ahead Of Third Campaign Rally

While Kentucky is a conservative state that Trump carried by nearly 30 percentage points last fall, it has in many ways become ground zero for the fight over protecting the Affordable Care Act.

Huge Crowds In Deep Red Tennessee Turn Out To Protest Trump Campaign Visit

Trump protests

Trump was met with huge crowds of protesters voicing their opposition to his visit to Nashville and his dangerous agenda.

Anti-Trump Group Trolling The President By Sending Him Books For Valentine’s Day

Trump reading

Though the new U.S. president is unlikely to start picking up books anytime soon, it's clear that his opposition is strong and already finding new ways to resist his agenda.

Trump Throws a Fit Wondering Why the Women’s Marchers Protested After His Election

Donald Trump taxes

Instead of being presidential and congratulating the millions of women's marchers for their peaceful protests, Donald Trump wondered why they were protesting since we just had an election. He seems to expect all dissent to stop now that he's president.

Fox News Sells Romney’s Cowardly Cut and Run From Protesters as Reagan Redux

Fox News claims Romney's bus tour has 'hints of Ronald Reagan', even as the Republican nominee cuts and runs from protesters.