WATCH: Whoopi Goldberg Shuts Down Meghan McCain Complaints About Chauvin Protesters

On Monday, the hosts of The View addressed both the Derek Chauvin trial and recent comments by Maxine Waters. The…

6 months ago

Trump: Any Protests Upon My Re-Election Will Be Put Down Quickly

Donald Trump and the GOP went into the Republican National Convention hoping for a significant boost in their polling numbers.…

1 year ago

Opinion: Gassing Moms And Vets Does Not Win Elections

With his support in free fall, Donald Trump decided the best way to win over “suburban house wives” was to…

1 year ago

George W. Bush Virtually Endorses Joe Biden In Powerful Statement

Former President and First Lady George W. and Laura Bush issued a statement on the riots that echoed Joe Biden's…

1 year ago

The Protests Are Breaking Republicans As Sen. Ben Sasse Rips Trump

Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) ripped Trump for using force to break up a peaceful protest, as the GOP is showing…

1 year ago

Unhinged Trump Loses His Mind Over Protests In Call With Governors

Governors described Trump as unhinged as he demanded that they crackdown on protests or else he declared that they will…

1 year ago

Kavanaugh’s First Day Marked by Protests

By Andrew Chung and Lawrence Hurley WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Brett Kavanaugh spent a collegial first day on the bench as…

3 years ago

Swiss marchers protest against Trump, break through Davos security cordon

Anti-capitalists marched through Swiss cities on Tuesday to protest a planned visit by U.S. President Donald Trump to the World…

4 years ago

Comey talks ‘real world,’ meets protests at black university

Protesters at Howard University chanted and booed on Friday through James Comey's first public address since he testified to Congress…

4 years ago

Rachel Maddow Credits Huge Victory On Health Care To Persistent Grassroots Activism

"These protests have been relentless," Maddow said. "They've had a huge victory just tonight."

4 years ago

Paul Ryan Met With Chants Of Shame As Trumpcare Outrage Follows Republicans Everywhere

Paul Ryan was greeted by protesters shouting "Shame!" and carrying signs reading, among other things, "Healthcare is a human right!"

4 years ago

Town Halls Erupt With Passion As DAPL Camp Goes Down In Flames

For the party that talks so much about the value of life they sure put a whole lot of energy…

5 years ago

Terrorist Groups Celebrate As Donald Trump Doubles Down On Muslim Ban

Pro-ISIS social media accounts are rejoicing over Trump's latest action, saying it will help them convince more American Muslims to…

5 years ago

Anti-Trump Protests Sweep The Globe Following Stunning Presidential Election Results

The backlash against Donald Trump's pending presidency is just beginning.

5 years ago

A Critical Mass to Challenge the Corporate Colonization of our Government

A mass majority convinced through years of struggle that a fairer, more humane, more sustainable world is possible is the…

9 years ago

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