57 House And Senate And House Republicans Were Asked To Talk About Trump And Race, But Only 3 Agreed

The Washington Post asked 57 Senate and House Republicans for an interview to discuss Trump and race, and only three agreed to speak to them.

Donald Trump Proposes East German Stasi Tactic That Abolishes the Fourth Amendment

Trump thinks the right of the people to be secure and free of "unreasonable searches" shall not be violated unless they are people of color.

Why No GOP Response to Clinton’s Speech on Trump’s Racism Is a Weapon for Dems

Democrats have to tie every national, state, and local Republican candidate to Donald Trump’s seeming extremism as typically Republican.

For the past 2 Plus Years Republicans Have Stolen The Rights of People of Color

For the past two-and-a-half years since Republicans took power in states and Congress, there has been a sustained assault on people of color to deprive them of their constitutional rights.

Poverty, Race, and Obama’s Morehouse Speech

Some people became upset with Obama's "Racism is no longer an excuse" speech. Perhaps people gripped by poverty were what made them wince.

Conservative Christians Claim They Should be Able to Spew Hate Without Consequence

Please Disregard Above: We No Longer Hate Gays

Conservative Christians want to be able to spew hate and lies but for nobody to have the right to disagree with or refute them

The Tea Party Speaks From The Gutter and Tells the GOP to Forget Hispanic Voters

Tea Party Republicans like Rep. Tim Huelskamp are spewing more hate and intolerance by decrying Republican outreach to "so-called" Hispanic voters.

Rand Paul Lies To African Americans By Claiming He Never Opposed the Civil Rights Act

Sending Rand Paul to speak at Howard University was a disaster waiting to happen. First Paul tried (again) to deny that he ever opposed the Civil Rights Act.

George Zimmerman’s Brother Racially Profiles Trayvon Martin to Prove He’s Not A Racist

Robert Zimmerman compared Trayvon Martin to a black teenager who is accused of murdering a baby in Georgia because both are black and both are giving the camera the middle finger.

America’s Capitalism Has Embraced White Slaves as Well as Black

American capitalism supported white indentured servitude before and alongside black slavery and relinquished it only reluctantly.

The Media Missed Model Cameron Russell’s Point in Her TEDx Talk

In Victoria Secret model Cameron Russell's TedX talk, she discussed winning the 'genetic lottery' and the privileges afforded to her purely because of her looks, including white privilege.

Calling all Right Wing ‘Patriots’ Please Identify All the Freedoms You’ve Lost

Right wing "patriots" are constantly complaining of losing their freedoms and liberty. I would ask what these freedoms and liberties are.

Ralph Reed Invokes MLK’s Fight for Freedom in Defense of his Fight to Oppress

So Ralph Reed of the misnamed Faith and Freedom Coalition, took exception to my findings yesterday, that the Bible is irrelevant as a determinant of United States immigration policy reform. He thinks he’s pretty clever and like any good conservative these days, goes right to invoking MLK: “So MLK was wrong to invoke the BIble & nature’s God in campaigning for civil rights? Really?” read more

Look out Idaho, A New Herd of Paranoid Survivalists Are Heading to Your State

A planned, walled-in Patriot Community called the Citadel Project is being planned for a mountainous region of Idaho. It's all about guns

A Sudden Bi-Partisan Senate Love Fest Over Immigration Reform? Are you Listening House?

While the Senate may indeed find a bi-partisan path to citizenship for undocumenteds, look for any positives to be scuttled by the House.

Misremembering is the Conservative Way of Treating Martin Luther King

As our nation celebrates Martin Luther King Jr, conservatives choose NOT to remember him, but to misremember him as a conservative

GOP: Refusing to do What We Want You to Do is a Violation of the Constitution

The Republican Party seems to think if Obama doesn't do what they want him to do, he is violating the Constitution

Gun Nuts to Build 2,000 Acre Citadel in Idaho’s American Redoubt

How do America's most extreme gun enthusiasts want to live? You'll soon get to find out as they build their own city in the mountains of Idaho

Why America Needs a Left

In Why America Needs a Left, Eli Zaretsky makes a case for a 'hard' left, something beyond either progressivism or liberalism

Tea Party Fantasies of Sending Obama to Prison for Benghazi

Tea Partiers indulge in wild fantasies of sending President Obama to prison since they haven't managed to impeach him for Benghazi