Trump’s Language Makes Our Wise Founding Leaders Sound like Wise Guys

In short, the danger in Trump’s language is that, for the surprisingly impressionable national audience, he degrades our democratic processes and safeguards against tyranny by recasting the fundamentals of democracy as instead the coarse and brutish misdeeds of a dictatorial power grab.

Viewers Roast Fox Legal Analyst For Agreeing With Adam Schiff

Judge Napolitano on Fox

The right-wing viewers of Fox News are very unhappy with the network’s chief legal analyst, Judge Andrew Napolitano right now. And they have taken to Twitter to express their extreme displeasure with what Napolitano had to say about Bill Barr, the Mueller report, and comments made by Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA). read more

Analysis: Imminent Indictment May Soon Cause Trump to Resign

Walter Dellinger on Rachel Maddow

The mainstream media has long insisted that there is a Department of Justice (DOJ) policy that prevents it from indicting a sitting president. However, there actually is no such policy. As a result, Donald Trump may very well be indicted and charged with various crimes while he is still in office. read more

Rachel Maddow Busts Republicans For Fake Supporting Obamacare

Rachel Maddow called out Republicans who are pretending to support Obamacare in the midterm election by name and exposed their ACA killing agenda.

Democrats May Impeach Trump For Conflicts of Interest

Democrats in the House of Representatives released new documents last week which they say provide proof that President Donald Trump was directly involved in canceling plans developed by the federal government to sell the FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C. read more

Rachel Maddow And Lawrence O’Donnell Break Down Trump’s Impeachable FBI Building Felony

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O'Donnell discussed how Trump committed an impeachable felony by refusing to let the FBI move out of a building that is across the street from his Washington DC hotel.

Rachel Maddow Just Took A Wrecking Ball To The Myth Of Trump

Rachel Maddow took apart the myth of Donald Trump as a self-made billionaire and exposed Trump as a person who is not a financial or business mind, but someone who was great at a con.

Hillary Clinton Perfectly Explains How Republicans Are Trying To Railroad Christine Blasey Ford

Hillary Clinton explained how easy it would be for the White House to direct the FBI to investigate the sexual assault allegation against Brett Kavanaugh, and how Republicans are trying to rush the process and railroad Christine Blasey Ford.

Rachel Maddow Just Became The Most Watched Show On All Of Television

Rachel Maddow had her biggest viewership week ever last week, and on Friday, she was the most-watched program on all of television.

Rachel Maddow And Bob Woodward Expose The Fatal Flaw That Dooms Trump To Failure

Rachel Maddow and Bob Woodward discussed Trump's fatal flaw of being closed minded to new information and refusing to accept anything that differs with his views.

Rachel Maddow Warns That The Alarm Has Been Sounded On Trump’s Mental Health

Rachel Maddow told MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace that the fire alarm had been sounded on Trump's mental health and the White House official who wrote the op-ed is telling Congress to do something.

Rachel Maddow Shows Why Trump Should Be Terrified About Ending Up In Prison

Rachel Maddow discussed the concern surrounding the possibility that Trump could end up in prison and showed why the "orange jumpsuit concern" is very real.

One Look From Rachel Maddow Says It All As Trump Has Consulted His Lawyers About Impeachment

Rachel Maddow gave viewers a raised eyebrows look that spoke volumes as she read from a Washington Post story about Trump consulting his lawyers about impeachment proceedings.


Rachel Maddow gave viewers a raised eyebrows look that spoke volumes as she read from a Washington Post story about Trump consulting his lawyers about impeachment proceedings. read more

Rachel Maddow Ties Trump And The GOP To Russian Organized Crime

Rachel Maddow dove deep into the Russian organized crime element to the Russia scandal and showed how Trump and Congressional Republicans are targeting law enforcement officials who battle Russian organized crime.

Rachel Maddow Remains #1 As MSNBC Dominates Cable Television

Rachel Maddow has remained the number one show on cable television as her network MSNBC is dominating in the ratings.

Trump’s Worst Week Is Rachel Maddow’s Best As She Is #1 On Cable For The 3rd Straight Night

As the worst week of the Trump presidency unfolds, MSNBC's Rachel Maddow is dominating the cable ratings by being the highest rated TV show for the 3rd straight night.

Rachel Maddow Dominates With The #1 Show On Cable For The Second Straight Night

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow had the number one show on all of cable television for the second straight night.

Bombshell: Davis Says Cohen Will Testify About ‘Criminal Conspiracy’

Yesterday was a day that will be remembered in the history books as one of the worst days ever for any President of the United States. The Paul Manafort guilty verdicts followed by the Michael Cohen plea deal were definitely bad news for Donald Trump. read more

Michael Cohen’s Lawyer Says He Has Info That Mueller Should Be Very Interested In

During an interview on The Rachel Maddow Show, Michael Cohen's attorney, Lanny Davis, said that Cohen has information that Special Counsel Robert Mueller should be very interested in hearing.

Rachel Maddow Adds To Trump’s Nightmares With Potential Indictment Of The Trump Organization

Rachel Maddow added another wrinkle to Trump's terrible day by pointing out that the Trump Organization was implicated in Michael Cohen's crimes, which means that Trump's company may be facing indictment.