Rachel Maddow Just Took A Wrecking Ball To The Myth Of Trump

Rachel Maddow took apart the myth of Donald Trump as a self-made billionaire and exposed Trump as a person who is not a financial or business mind, but someone who was great at a con.

Trump’s Worst Week Is Rachel Maddow’s Best As She Is #1 On Cable For The 3rd Straight Night

As the worst week of the Trump presidency unfolds, MSNBC's Rachel Maddow is dominating the cable ratings by being the highest rated TV show for the 3rd straight night.

Rachel Maddow Adds To Trump’s Nightmares With Potential Indictment Of The Trump Organization

Rachel Maddow added another wrinkle to Trump's terrible day by pointing out that the Trump Organization was implicated in Michael Cohen's crimes, which means that Trump's company may be facing indictment.

Rachel Maddow Exposes The Secret Republican Plot To Impeach Rod Rosenstein

Rachel Maddow puts all the pieces together and shows how House Republicans plan to impeach Rod Rosenstein during the lame duck session of Congress after the midterm election.

Rachel Maddow Busts Trump For Waging A Disinformation Campaign Against America

Rachel Maddow

Rachel Maddow showed that Trump is intentionally scrubbing facts from the official White House record as part of a disinformation campaign against America.

Rachel Maddow Drops A Terrifying Message On Republicans As The Russia Heat Reaches A Boil

Rachel Maddow summed up the mood in the country after Trump's summit by showing what Congress could be doing but isn't, and then how the heat is being turned up on the GOP by the American people.

Rachel Maddow Lays Out The Devastating Case For Trump Being A Treasonous Traitor

Rachel Maddow ran through all of the connections and strange behaviors surrounding Trump and Russia and called on America to take the blinders off because Trump is working for Russia as president against the United States.

Rachel Maddow Fuels The Fire To Stop Trump And Putin’s Great Derailment Of America

Rachel Maddow showed how the fight over Trump's Supreme Court nominee could be a tool to fight back against Trump and Putin's derailment of the US.

Rachel Maddow Explosively Exposes Putin’s Ownership Of Trump And The GOP

Rachel Maddow

Rachel Maddow exposed how the Trump/Putin relationship has now consumed the Republican Party, and what it looks like Putin has taken ownership of the GOP.

Rachel Maddow Reveals The Red Flags That Are Rocking Trump’s World

Rachel Maddow stressed the red flags and the urgency that suggests that something big is coming with Michael Cohen and that something has the potential to end Trump's world.

Rachel Maddow Makes A Devastating Argument For Why Voters Must Elect A Democratic Congress

Rachel Maddow used the Supreme Court ruling on the Muslim ban as part of a compelling argument for why it will be up to the voters to check Trump by electing a Democratic Congress in November

Rachel Maddow Blows The Lid Off Trump’s Child Kidnapping Ring

What Rachel Maddow exposed on her show provided proof that the Trump administration is running a migrant child kidnapping ring with no thought of reuniting families.

Rachel Maddow Perfectly Sums Up How Sick Trump Really Is

Rachel Maddow

While talking about if the courts will block Trump's child separation policy, Rachel Maddow explained that the White House sees the public outrage as good.