Rachel Maddow Show

Rachel Maddow Shows Why Trump May Be Doomed On Classified Docs

Rachel Maddow explained that when Trump handled the documents himself, he lost deniability and the ability to blame someone else.

3 months ago

Rachel Maddow Shows Why The Next 1/6 Committee Hearing Could Be Criminally Dangerous For Trump

Rachel Maddow said that criminal investigations are not hypothetical for tomorrow's 1/6 Committee hearing. They are already happening.

5 months ago

Adam Schiff Nails Marjorie Taylor Greene And 1/6 House Republicans

Rep. Schiff (D-CA) said that Greene and other House Republicans violated the Constitution and there are questions of culpability for…

7 months ago

Viewers Flock Back To MSNBC For Rachel Maddow’s Return

MSNBC has seen its 9 PM hour viewership nearly double in Rachel Maddow's first week back.

8 months ago

Rachel Maddow Announces The End Of Her Nightly MSNBC Show

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow announced that starting next month she will only anchor her show on Monday nights.

8 months ago

Rachel Maddow Returns To MSNBC On April 11

Rachel Maddow is returning to her MSNBC show on April 11, but for how long remains unclear, as she is…

8 months ago

Rachel Maddow Returns From Hiatus To Perfectly Explain Why Putin Invaded Ukraine

Rachel Maddow returned from her hiatus and explained why Putin who has run Russia into the ground invaded the blossoming…

9 months ago

Rachel Maddow Ties Mark Meadows To Forged Election Documents

Rachel Maddow put the pieces together and connected Trump White House chief of staff Mark Meadows to forged 2020 election…

11 months ago

Rachel Maddow Makes The Case For Trump Being Prosecuted For Obstruction Of Justice

Rachel Maddow says that Trump confessed to obstruction of justice on television and he is still within the statute of…

12 months ago

Rachel Maddow: Biden Had The Best Election Night Of Any First Year President In 30 Years

Rachel Maddow showed that Biden actually outperformed the last 30 years of first-year presidents on election night.

1 year ago

Sen. Kamala Harris Urges The Military To Defy Trump

Senator Kamala Harris urged military officials to defy Trump when he orders unconstitutional actions against the American people.

2 years ago

Lev Parnas Devastates Trump And Reveals Everything

In an interview with Rachel Maddow, Lev Parnas said that Trump lying and knew all about his activities and movements,…

3 years ago

Rachel Maddow Drops An Impeachment Bombshell On Mike Pence

Rachel Maddow discussed the new evidence related to Vice President Mike Pence's secret communications with Ukraine that have been turned…

3 years ago

Rachel Maddow Masterfully Shreds Trump Attorney General William Barr

Rachel Maddow took apart Attorney General William Barr and shredded him for his role in the Ukraine scandal as Trump's…

3 years ago

The New York Times Refuses To Lets Its Reporters Go On Rachel Maddow

The New York Times has deemed Rachel Maddow too opinionated and is refusing to let their reporters go on her…

3 years ago

Rachel Maddow Shows How Mueller Is The Terror That Haunts Trump In The Night

Rachel Maddow explained that all of the many battles between Trump and Congress center around the White House fear of…

4 years ago

One Look From Rachel Maddow Says It All As Trump Has Consulted His Lawyers About Impeachment

Rachel Maddow gave viewers a raised eyebrows look that spoke volumes as she read from a Washington Post story about…

4 years ago

Rachel Maddow Ties Trump And The GOP To Russian Organized Crime

Rachel Maddow dove deep into the Russian organized crime element to the Russia scandal and showed how Trump and Congressional…

4 years ago

Rachel Maddow Remains #1 As MSNBC Dominates Cable Television

Rachel Maddow has remained the number one show on cable television as her network MSNBC is dominating in the ratings.

4 years ago

Trump’s Worst Week Is Rachel Maddow’s Best As She Is #1 On Cable For The 3rd Straight Night

As the worst week of the Trump presidency unfolds, MSNBC's Rachel Maddow is dominating the cable ratings by being the…

4 years ago