Limbaugh Accuses Obama of Inciting the Town Hall Violence

On his radio show today Rush Limbaugh made the claim that President Barack Obama is inciting the violent protests against healthcare reform. Limbaugh said, "No incidents of violence until Obama's people showed up...He is out there inciting violence." Wait, so the people at these town halls who are screaming that Obama is a socialist were sent there by Obama. Wow.

Lou Dobbs Goes to War with MSNBC

On his radio show today Lou Dobbs declared MSNBC the attack dogs for the White House. He claimed that MSNBC has manufactured a story against him. Dobbs said, "These people over at MSNBC have moved so far to the left they will do almost anything to hold in the good graces of the Obama White House." So, the White House and MSNBC are out to get Lou Dobbs?

Jon Stewart Earns the Wrath of Rush Limbaugh

Jon Stewart has now earned the wrath of Rush Limbaugh for getting Bill Kristol to admit on The Daily Show that government run healthcare works. Limbaugh said that Stewart is a sell out for using the military as healthcare example, because liberals like Stewart hate the military. Ugh, so now Rush is going after Jon Stewart.