Howard Stern: Trump “Despises” the Voters Who “Love Him the Most”

Donald Trump's former friend Howard Stern says the President hates his most loyal voters and wouldn't let them into his…

3 years ago

Rush Limbaugh Does the Country a Favor As He Brings Other Conservative Radio Down With Him

Cumulus Media CEO blames Rush for the stunning loss in revenue which is impacting other talk shows, 'The facts are…

10 years ago

As Elections Get Closer, Lies Start Spewing Out of Republicans

The election of 2012 is fast-approaching, and there will be refreshing commercials as well as lies on the radio and…

10 years ago

Giving Limbaugh the Bum’s Rush

27 years of inflammatory speech have finally caught fire in a campaign that hopes to send Rush Limbaugh into retirement.

11 years ago