Ralph Reed

Opinion: Trump Wants Churches To Be Taxpayer-Funded Republican Super PACs

Repealing the Johnson Amendment will create a loophole in campaign disclosure laws; nonpartisanship is a cornerstone principle that has strengthened…

5 years ago

John Kasich Claims He Doesn’t Read Bible to Figure Out What He Thinks

John Kasich does his best on CNN to come across as a religious moderate, but his policies reveal the appalling…

7 years ago

North Carolina’s Lt. Governor Declares War on the U.S. Constitution

Dan Forest told the Faith and Freedom Coalition this weekend, "America is at a great crossroads where it must decide…

8 years ago

Conservative ‘Christians’ Show No Class By Placing Obama Figurines In Urinals At Conference

This week in Washington, DC, the Freedom and Faith Coalition is holding their Road to Majority conference. Basically, this is…

8 years ago

The Religious Right Champions Moral Relativism in Defense of Phil Robertson

All this fuss about Phil Robertson comes down to the Religious Right's insistence that they have a right to say…

9 years ago

Christian Nationalism Defines the Rhetoric of Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio

The tenets of Christian nationalism - control of the government for Jesus - is behind the political aspirations of Rand…

9 years ago

How Christian Myth Overinflates the Religious Right’s Sense of Self Importance

The Fundamentalist Christian sense of self-importance paradoxically makes them essential to civilization, which existed long before the Bible

9 years ago

Rand Paul Claims Liberal Elites Want to Exterminate Christians

"There is a war on Christianity," he said, well ahead of the Christmas season. "Not just from liberal elites here…

9 years ago

Right Wing Bigots Claim Immigration Reform Path to Citizenship Violates the Bible

Ralph Reed, mistaking the Bible for the US Constitution, believes his holy book should govern US immigration policy

10 years ago

Mrs. Cleaver’s America is Dead – and Thank God For It

Republicans, in appraising the causes for the Republican defeat in 2012, shy away from the real reasons for that defeat:…

10 years ago

What Obama’s Victory Means to the Religious Right

The Religious Right took a black eye in 2012 but they are far from powerless and will be back to…

10 years ago

Ryan to Evangelicals: Obama’s Path Compromises Judeo-Christian Values

Paul Ryan says Obama's path compromises some non-existent values; the real problem is that Obama stands between Ryan and the…

10 years ago

Ralph Reed Tries Some Hocus Pocus for a Bush Redux in 2012

Ralph Reed, the 90's Evangelical Wunderkind, once disgraced, is back again mobilizing the vote he once said was mythical, for…

10 years ago

Meme of Desperation – Bush Gave Middle East 10 Years of Peace

In a breathtaking revision of history, we are being told that President Bush gave the Middle East ten years of…

10 years ago

Romney to Speak at Ralph Reed’s 2012 FFC Conference & Strategy Briefing

Ralph Reed wants to play Kingmaker like he did in 1994 and he has Mitt Romney lined up to slobber…

10 years ago

Ralph Reed Seeks Resurrection as Republican Kingmaker

While so many Republicans rush toward self-martyrdom, one, Ralph Reed, is headed in the other direction – toward resurrection in…

11 years ago

The Rise of American Fundamentalism 2004-2005

President George W. Bush, toward the end of his first term and into his second, continued to push a theocratic…

11 years ago

Ralph Reed Wants You to Believe Evangelical Vote is a Myth

Ralph Reed, who was so instrumental in the Religious Right's takeover of the GOP, now wants you to believe that…

11 years ago