Axios Co-founder: Some Republicans Believe Trump is “Sabotaging” Georgia Race

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During an appearance on CNBC, Axios co-founder Mike Allen said that some Republicans believe President Donald Trump’s erratic behavior in recent weeks is designed to “sabotage” the GOP’s chances of winning the Georgia runoff elections, which will determine which of the two major political parties will have control of the Senate.

“There’s a big strain of thought among Republicans that President Trump is sabotaging this race. He’s done so much to be unhelpful to those candidates,” Allen told “Squawk Box,” referring to GOP Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue, who are up against Democrats Jon Ossoff and The Rev. Raphael Warnock respectively.

“I talk to Republicans and they look at what’s happening, and they say, ’You know, he must be thinking, ‘I want to send a message, If I’m not on the ballot,  Republicans are in trouble,” he added.

Strong early voter turnout in Georgia has given Democrats hope that they can take the state and worried Republicans who once thought winning these races in a reliably red state would be simple. Earlier this week, a Politico report noted that “More than 2.3 million people have voted as of Tuesday morning through mail-in ballots or in-person early voting for the two races, already topping the record for the most votes in a Georgia runoff election.”

To that end, “Georgia, despite the president-elect winning there, is still pretty red so Republicans said, ‘In the end, this could be fine.’ They’re no longer sure it’s fine, and a lot of that has to do with the president,” Allen said.

Recently, Loeffler and Perdue found themselves in the crossfire after President Trump upended coronavirus stimulus negotiations with a demand that the direct payment amount Americans will receive be raised from $600 to $2000. Ossoff and Warnock used the president’s statements to criticize their opponents; Loeffler and Perdue have since backed Trump’s call for $2000 checks though Senator Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), the majority leader, has blocked attempts to raise the amount of the direct payments even after the House voted to do so.

“Republicans look at it and they say, ‘Like everyday President Trump is saying something that either puts those candidates on the spot or makes some of those …. voters who were maybe queasy about Trump anyway but are Republicans in their bones, like everyday he gives them a reason either not to come out or to decide to go the other way,’” Allen said.

While Biden Has Raised $10 Million to Aid Warnock and Ossoff, Trump is Just Pocketing Georgia Fundraising Money for Himself

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Joe Biden received 306 Electoral College votes on Monday. On Tuesday, he headed down to Georgia to campaign for Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff who are competing in a hugely important senate runoff.

During the 2020 campaign season, Biden showed that he could be a powerful fundraiser. In the last few months up to the November election, the former Vice President routinely out-raised Donald Trump.

Biden built out a large grassroots fundraising list during his campaign. And he has tapped into that network to help the two Democratic candidates. So far, he has been able to raise $10 million for their campaign.

Trump also has a large donor network. And he has had no qualms about contacting those donors post election. Rather than helping Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue, though, he’s been paying off his own debts.

Doug Heye, a veteran GOP strategist told Politico, “

The reality is Donald Trump does not care about the future of the Republican Party, so if he can raise money off of the Georgia runoffs but keep the money for his own purposes, he will do so.” read more

WATCH: Fox’s Jesse Watters Wants Sheriffs Aiding Poll Watchers During Georgia Elections

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The presidential race in 2020 came down to a select few swing states. Some, like Wisconsin, Michigan, Nevada and Pennsylvania had Democrats as governors. The other two, Georgia and Arizona had Republicans in charge.

And in Georgia, not only was the governor a Republican, so were all the other figures in charge of running the election. And these officials have been quite clear in saying this was the best run Georgia election in decades.

While Trump is souring on Fox News, there are still those looking to promote his claim of election fraud. This certainly includes Jesse Watters. During a Thursday segment, Watters called on sheriffs to be present on election day aiding poll watchers.

“Ossoff is a baby-faced trust fund socialist who will be a Schumer puppet, and — and Warnock is a Jeremiah Wright loving gun grabber,” Watters began. “Neither of those guys should win this race, but with the situation as it is in Georgia, anything could happen. And you saw that with the tape that was played up top at the A Block.”

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