Bill Maher Tells CPAC Head ‘Fox News Is Basically Running Our Government’

Schlapp on Maher

Television personality Bill Maher confronted the head of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Matt Schlapp, about Fox News’ coverage of Donald Trump. In the discussion Maher said, “Fox News is basically running our government.” read more

Bill Maher To Trump Supporters: ‘Just Admit He Is A Conman’

Bill Maher

"The Trump approach to health care was never going to be repeal and replace," Maher said. "It was always bait and switch."

Republican Nightmares Realized As Bill Maher and Bernie Sanders Show Americans Love Socialism

During an interview on HBO's Real Time, Bill Maher and Bernie Sanders teamed up to show that the United States is already quasi-socialist and that Americans love their socialist programs.

Bill Maher Says What The Media Won’t: There’s No Such Thing As A Smart Bush

Bill Maher took down Jeb Bush and the myth that he is the smart one, by pointing out that after Bush's recent campaign stumbles, there's no such thing as a smart Bush.

Bill Maher Nails People Who Claim That Obama Didn’t Keep His Promises

Bill Maher drilled the people who bother to show up to vote, and he took down the excuses that President Obama hasn't kept his promises.

Bill Maher Shreds Chuck Todd and Meet The Press For Lacking Integrity

bill maher paul davis kansas strip club meet the press

Bill Maher took a moment during his New Rules segment to call out the media for lacking integrity. Maher specifically pointed a finger at Chuck Todd and Meet The Press.

Bill Maher Obliterates Sarah Palin For Getting Into A Drunken Brawl

bill maher sarah palin brawl

On HBO's Real Time, Bill Maher delivered a brutal short and sweet takedown of Sarah Palin after she and her family participated in a drunken brawl.

Bill Maher Storms Into Washington D.C. and Calls Out Fox News For Polarizing America

bill maher fox news polarized america

Bill Maher made media folks in D.C. uncomfortable by speaking the truth about how Fox News has polarized America.

Bill Maher Calls It Out: Republicans Hate Neil DeGrasse Tyson Because He Is a Black Scientist

On Real Time host Bill Maher spoke the truth about why Republicans hate Neil DeGrasse Tyson. Maher said that Republicans hate the Cosmos host because he is a black scientist.

Bill Maher Rips Republicans For Appealing to Racists

Bill Maher tore Republicans apart for preaching racism during the Obama years and appealing to racists.

Bill Maher Makes Republicans Pay for Attacking Hillary Clinton With the Monica Scandal

In a blistering rejection of Republican "logic," Bill Maher wiped the floor with Rand Paul and the Republican Party for using the Lewinsky scandal to attack Hillary Clinton.

Bill Maher Obliterates Republicans For Spreading a New Bogus Obamacare Lie

Bill Maher smashed the Republican lie about CBO report and the ACA killing jobs by destroying the bogus conservative moral argument that is the basis for every Republican Obamacare falsehood.

Bill Maher Destroys Conservatives for Telling The Poor to F**k Off and Die

Bill Maher obliterated conservatives who have declared war against the poor, and their multitude of excuses for being cruel to working people.

Bill Maher: If Seeing Michelle Obama on TV Fills You With Rage, Get Help

Bill Maher used the frothing with anger of the right at the very sight of Michelle Obama to tell people who have to politicize everything to get help.

BIll Maher Obliterates the Republican Lie that Obama Hasn’t Created Any Jobs

When Republican consultant David Avella tried to push the lie that Obama has not created any jobs, he was completely destroyed by Bill Maher and Howard Dean.

Bill Maher Torches the Right For Being Completely Wrong About Obama

Bill Maher laid waste to the right for getting every prediction they made about Obama's first term completely wrong.

Bill Maher Tears Down the Republican Myth that Obama has Ruined America

On Real Time, Bill Maher challenged and shattered the Republican delusion that Obama has ruined America.

Bill Maher Calls Out Republicans for Being the Dicks That They Are

Bill Maher called out Republicans for being intellectual children who have no ideology, just a desire to be dicks to as many people as possible.

Bill Maher Blames Democrats For Trayvon Martin Shooting

Bill Maher argued that the Trayvon Martin shooting is cautionary tale for Democrats about the consequences of lying down and giving the right whatever they want.