Economist Gary Shilling: Coronavirus Recession Is “The Most Traumatic Event” Since World War II

An economist has warned that the recession induced by Coronavirus is the most serious global disruption since World War II.…

2 years ago

IMF Chief: Pandemic Will Cause ‘Worst Economic Fallout Since the Great Depression’

The head of the International Monetary Fund has issued a grim forecast about the world economy. As deaths from Coronavirus…

2 years ago

Experts Say Trump is Wrong About Increased Suicides Due To Closed Economy

If you feel like you are in a crisis situation, and need help or someone to talk to, call the…

2 years ago

Odds of a Global Recession “Are Close to 100 Percent,” Says Former White House Economic Adviser

Speaking on CNN, former chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers Kevin Hasset said a global recession is…

2 years ago

Trump Calls Recession A Democratic Witch Hunt When Asked About Ukraine

Trump thinks that the warnings from economists that the nation could fall into a recession are a plot by Democrats…

3 years ago

Democrats Must Resist Recession Narrative and Critique Narrative of Trump’s Economic Success

This week’s stock market antics and the occurrence of an inverted yield curve have provided compelling evidence portending another economic…

3 years ago

Report: Warning Signs Show U.S. Economy Close to Recession

A new report from Axios shows that there may be cracks starting to appear in the booming U.S. economy. The…

4 years ago

Wall St. Economic Expert’s Warning Should Terrify All But Rich Americans

Trump’s economic plan will confer vast monetary gains on the very wealthiest Americans while leaving Trump’s electoral base further behind.

6 years ago

House Republicans Are Planning to Eliminate Food Assistance for 13 Million Americans

House Republicans have a ten year plan to eliminate food assistance for 13 million more hungry working Americans and seniors…

9 years ago

House Republicans Congratulate Themselves On Killing a Million Jobs

Republicans are congratulating themselves for allowing the dreaded sequester to take effect knowing full well that in the first year…

9 years ago

Unhinged Republicans Completely Abandon Reality With Latest Sequester Lies

Republicans and their punditry have finally gone so far off the rails to avoid any responsibility for the sequester that…

9 years ago

The Sequester Cuts are the Latest Crime in the Republican War on America

Republicans have revealed that the harm their sequester cuts were intended to cause is part of their plan that defines…

9 years ago