Obama Could Deliver The House To Democrats Via Redistricting Fight

Obama Could Deliver The House To Democrats Via Redistricting Fight

Democrats have turned to former President Obama to lead the redistricting fight in states like New York, Georgia, Alabama, North…

9 months ago

Scalia-less SCOTUS Lets Stand Lower Court Ruling Against NC Gerrymandering

A federal district court ordered North Carolina to redraw two gerrymandered maps. NC wanted a stay but without Scalia, they…

8 years ago

Florida Republican Suggests Misusing Voting Rights Act to Rig Elections

Rep. Adkins suggested packing a district with black prisoners who would be counted as residents, but who would unable to…

9 years ago

Florida GOP Proves It Is Dysfunctional As Legislature Implodes Over Redistricting Fight

The Florida legislature imploded on Friday as the Senate and House couldn't agree on how to redraw the state's legislative…

9 years ago

Republican Attorney-General Greg Abbott Humiliated in Federal Court Ruling

In a ruling on attorney's fees related to a redistricting case, a Federal Court Judge dealt Texas Attorney General Greg…

10 years ago

Not Voting in 2010 Could be the Costliest Mistake Democrats Have Made In Recent History

Will Republicans use the redistricting advantages they achieved after their 2010 sweep to change the way electoral votes are apportioned?

11 years ago

California Dreamin’ of Big Campaign Dollars and a Democratic House

A turnover of as little as 5 or 6 house seats in California could mean that Democrats once again control…

12 years ago