Joy Reid Epically Smacks Down Pastor For Using The Bible To Defend Trump’s ‘S**thole’ Remarks

There is not a holy book on the face of the planet – certainly not the Bible – that can justify Trump's words or deeds.

Pro-Trump Pastor Defends Roy Moore By Saying ‘Morality’ Isn’t A Requirement For Leaders

Joy Reid Roy Moore

According to the right-wing pastor, it's okay if we elect immoral leaders because "Jesus was the only perfect man who walked the earth."

Opinion: Trump Gives Churches Free Rein To Campaign For Profit

Greedy evangelicals expected much more in remuneration for their electoral support for Trump’s candidacy than freedom to violate IRS rules with impunity.

Opinion: Trump Gives Raging Anti-Choice Propagandist HHS Public Affairs Job

Yoest has a long record of undermining women’s access to health care by distorting the facts; her selection shows the administration is pandering to extreme evangelical conservatives.

The Diabolical Plot Behind Trump Cabinet’s Weekly Prayer and Bible Lessons

She thinks biblically, She doesn’t need time to figure out how to vote because she sees the world through a scriptural lens. "We need more like her in office."

Opinion: Trump Wants Churches To Be Taxpayer-Funded Republican Super PACs

Repealing the Johnson Amendment will create a loophole in campaign disclosure laws; nonpartisanship is a cornerstone principle that has strengthened the public’s trust of the charitable community.

Pew Research Reveals Muslim Births Will Outnumber Christian Births by 2035

The world is a different place than conservatives wish it to be, and those differences are only going to become more pronounced.

Vice President Mike Pence Wants the Bible Taught As Science

The evangelical fundamentalists, all 13.2 percent of them, are appealing to vice president-elect Pence by petition and demanding that he, as head of domestic policy, inform president-elect Trump that it is crucial to immediately issue an executive order in"definitely banning” the teaching of evolution as science.

Rebellion Talks Leads to New Call To Impeach Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin

The Republican Bevin’s “insurrection talk” has elicited the second call for his impeachment as governor in six months; the first came within a month of him being sworn in office as Kentucky governor.

‘Moderate’ Republican John Kasich Flips Out Over Actor Daniel Radcliffe’s Atheism

"You know that Daniel Radcliffe has declared himself an atheist? I’m serious. What a weird thing. Why would a guy who has had all that success just, I mean, what the hell is wrong with him?”

Church Insurance Cites ‘Act of God’ in Not Paying for Church’s Flood Damage

It was ironic that an insurance company specializing in covering churches refused to pay for flood damage to a church they said it was an act of god.

Theocracy Warning In Republican Strongholds Of Kentucky and Texas

The latest drive toward an iteration of Sharia Law for the cult of right-wing Christians panting for a theocracy is playing out in Kentucky.

80 Religious Leaders To SCOTUS And Evangelicals: ‘Butt Out’ of Women’s Reproductive Health

These leaders came together to “guide their congregations’ prayers toward protecting a woman’s right to access an abortion.”

Pope Francis – Be A Christian and Stay Out of American Politics

The Pope has inserted his holy self into American politics by questioning Trump’s Christian bona fides

A Note to Speaker Ryan: Prayer Won’t Turn Flint’s Poisoned Water into Wine

Ryan says prayer comes first, when disaster strikes their home districts, it's money that comes first. Prayer is what they offer for other people.

Bush-Appointed Judge Forces Kentucky Taxpayers To Fund An Evangelical Ministry

Kentucky taxpayers are being "compelled" to spend at least $18 million to build and support the Answers in Genesis Noah's Ark theme park

US Muslim Groups Stand Together To Denounce The Paris Terrorist Attacks

A coalition of Muslim organizations held a press conference in Washington DC to denounce the Paris terrorist attacks.

The Religiously Unaffiliated are Now the Largest Single Group Among Democrats

Pew has announced that the religiously unaffiliated (or "nones") are "now the largest single religious group among Democrats."

Ted Cruz Says ‘Climate Change Is Not Science, It’s Religion’

Drowning in evidence, Cruz denies there is evidence, and then claims if we say he "denies" it we're proving climate change is a religion

“Rapture Ready” Ben Carson Blames Islam for Impending End of Days

Ben Carson said Sunday that Muslims with nukes tip the world toward the biblical "end of days," not religious fanatics like him