Tea Partiers Want Their Own Sharia Law

It is past time, as the Midterm Elections approach, that American voters look at exactly what sort of country the Tea Partiers, conservative Republicans and the Religious Right, want to give us. If you think it is in any great respect different from a country governed by Sharia law, you are wrong.

The Hackery and Mendacity of a FOX News Legal Propagandist

We should not expect much out of FOX when it comes to reporting the news. Sure, it can be argued that there is no news that is undistorted by spin, but there is spin and there is propaganda, and there is outright fiction. If you are going to step before a camera and say something, it should at least be made clear to the watcher if what you're saying is fact or fiction. Peter J. Johnson, Jr., graduate of Columbia College and Columbia University's School of Law and has served them as a legal propagandist since 1997.