New Poll: Two-Thirds Of Voters Outraged At GOP Attacks On Women’s Reproductive Rights

According to a new poll, when voters were informed about the religious Republican drive to ban access to legal abortion in the states, they were "disgusted and angry" and two-thirds of voters want Republicans stopped in their tracks.

Hey, Religious “Freedom” Laws Open The Door To Discrimination Against Women Too

One day people will wake up and wonder why they can no longer get the pill in their state, let alone an abortion. They can thank a Republican for the RFRA.

Republicans Say Stomachs Connect to Vaginas and that Cancer is a Fungus

Healthcare has a lot in common with the environment, with Republicans, who know nothing about either, eager to pass legislation regarding both

Bishops Join GOP Drive To Make Women Celibate Or Birth Machines

American Catholic bishops are taking advantage of the power bestowed on them by the conservative Catholics on the Supreme Court in the Hobby Lobby ruling. As is typical of the bishops, their aim is controlling American women and forcing them to either become celibate or perpetual birthing machines.

In Hobby Lobby Case Supreme Court Replaces First Amendment With Corporate Theocracy

In Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby Inc. the Supreme Court ended its flirtation with unanimity and ruled 5-4 in favor of corporate theocracy.

Republicans Have Made America a Dangerous Place To Be an Expectant Mother

There were two reports out last week from a highly respected medical journal and an international organization that revealed America is a dangerous place to be an expectant mother, and for women-hating Republicans and Christian extremists it was welcomed news and a sign their anti-women efforts are a raging success.

Devout Christian Jimmy Carter Calls Out The Use of Religion to Attack Women’s Rights

The 39th President and devout Christian addressed a human rights event and lashed out at all religious doctrines that contribute to political leaders passively accepting violence against women.

House Republicans Threaten to Shut Down Government Unless Women are Denied Contraception

House Republicans proposed they will shut down the government unless they are allowed to restrict women's access to contraception.