Trump Tweets Blatant Lie That Graham-Cassidy Bill Protects Those With Pre-Existing Conditions

The new health care legislation, which Republicans are now working to ram through the Senate, gives states the option of not covering pre-existing conditions.

The Republican Party Is Blaming Hillary Clinton For Their Failing Healthcare Bill

Republicans are trying to distract people from hating their healthcare bill by blaming Hillary Clinton.

Obama Gets Delicious Revenge As Fox News Poll Shows Soaring Support For Obamacare

Fox News has spent years demonizing Obamacare, but President Obama is finally getting his revenge as a new poll shows support for Obamacare has grown by 11 points in the last year.

A Desperate Fox News Makes The Worst Argument Ever For The GOP Healthcare Bill

The Fox News argument for the Republican health care bill is that we're all going to die anyway, so who needs healthcare?

A Sunday Massacre Of Truth As Republicans Go On National TV And Lie About Health Care Bill

Republicans took to the Sunday shows and came up with a lie that they thought no one would notice. From Trump HHS Secretary Tom Price to sitting US Senators like Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, Republicans are lying and claiming that no one will lose their health insurance under Trumpcare.

Republicans May Kill Their Own Healthcare Bill By Bringing Back The Individual Mandate

Republicans complained about the individual mandate in the ACA for seven years, but on Monday, they are going to put a provision in their bill requiring people to buy their crappy no coverage health insurance. The problem is that adding a requirement for coverage would violate the reconciliation rules and for the bill to need 60 votes to pass. read more

Hillary Clinton Drops Some Stone Cold Truth And Annihilates Republicans On Trumpcare

Hillary Clinton is free of political life and speaking her mind. Clinton spoke the blunt truth and said Republicans would be known as the death party if Trumpcare becomes law.

Al Franken Drops A Truth Bomb And Calls The GOP Health Care Bill A Tax Cut For Billionaires

Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) is calling the Republican health care bill what it really is. Franken described the bill as a thinly disguised tax cut for billionaires.

Senate Republicans Say It Would Be Stupid Of Them To Let You See Their Health Care Bill

McConnell won't pass bill saying Ted Cruz is a natural citizen

Senate Republicans are going to be done writing their health care bill tonight, but they are refusing to release it to the public yet because they think it would be stupid to let the American people see it this soon.

Al Franken Storms The Senate And Obliterates The Secret Republican Health Care Bill

In a speech on the Senate floor, Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) took apart the lies that make up the Republican health care bill that is being negotiated behind closed doors.

Republican Health Care Bill Teeters Near Death As House Appropriations Chair Will Vote No

The most powerful Republican committee chairman in the House, Appropriations Chairman Rodney Frelinghuysen (R-NJ) has announced that he will vote no on the Republican health care bill, as Trump's first piece of major legislation takes another step towards defeat.

Panic Sweeps The GOP As House Republican Warns Democrats Will Win Congress If Trumpcare Fails

Republicans are in a full blown panic, and warning that Democrats will win back Congress in 2018 if their health care bill fails to pass.

The Age Tax Is Trumpcare’s Dirty Little Secret That Republicans Don’t Want You To Know

There is a secret tax in the Republican health care bill that GOP supporters are trying to keep hidden. Older Americans are going to pay an increasing in premiums that amounts to a 20%-25% tax on their health insurance.