Donald Trump Hypocritically Accuses Ted Cruz of Hypocrisy

Donald Trump tweeted today that “Ted is the ultimate hypocrite. Says one thing for money, does another for votes.”

This is the same Donald Trump who said in 2012 that Hillary Clinton would make a fantastic president, and who now says she would make a terrible president. The same Trump who said people should leave Bill Clinton alone over his affair and who now attacks not only Bill Clinton for the affair, but blames Hillary for it. read more

Domestic Violence Victims Denied Health Insurance by GOP Senators

Let’s say you were going to cast a Republican Clown Show of Hypocrites who ran on “Family Values” whilst cheating on their wives and voting against women’s rights at every turn.

Let’s imagine this is the most ridiculous Clown Show ever… so bad that these Republican Clowns actually voted against protecting battered women from being cut off from health insurance access. Yes, let’s pretend that they actually voted to ensure that in nine states, health insurance companies could tell a woman who has been battered that she has a pre-existing condition.