FBI Raided Trump Fundraiser’s Office in Money Laundering Probe

This morning, the independent nonprofit news organization, ProPublica, published new information on a federal search warrant they had uncovered regarding major Trump Fundraiser, Elliott Broidy.

In announcing the shocking new information about one of the top money men in the Republican Party, ProPublica tweeted: read more

‘Draft Beto’ Effort Grows As GOP Digs for Dirt on O’Rourke

Democratic operatives in early primary states are starting an effort to draft Beto O’Rourke into the 2020 presidential campaign. And, in another sign that O’Rourke is seen as a viable threat to win the 2020 nomination and the presidency, Republican operatives are “feverishly digging” into O’Rourke’s past, looking for dirt to use against him. read more

By Becoming Trump’s Party, the GOP Will Be Destroyed in 2020

It just became official: the Republican Party is now the party of Donald Trump, which will probably result in disaster for them in the 2020 elections.

POLITICO is reporting that the GOP has basically re-branded itself as the “Trump Party:” read more

Former RNC Chairman: Trump’s Racism Has Taken Over the GOP

Michael Steele, a former chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC) knows a lot about racism. He is an African American himself, and he has always been loyal to his party. But when it comes to racism, he refuses to stay silent. read more

GOP Fundraiser Accused of Forcing Mistress To Have Abortion

Elliott Broidy, a leading GOP fundraiser, is being sued by his former mistress who claims that he coerced her into having an abortion after getting her pregnant. Bloomberg reported on Friday that Broidy lost a court battle that would have prevented the public from learning about the lawsuit. read more

A Republican Coup – Not Against Obama, But its Own Voters

The Republican establishment is facing a revolt of its base and the only solution seems to be a top-down coup against the beast it created

Gov. Rick Scott Banned Talk of “Global Warming” and “Climate Change”

Rick Scott's administration banned use of terms like global warming and climate change, but denial won't turn sea level rise into a nuisance

The Entire GOP Field for 2016 is as Tainted as a Bucket of Rotten Meat

We are already well on our way to becoming a 13th century-ish, Islamic State-like apparatus of repression

Donald Trump Can’t Figure Out Why Jews Support Obama

Donald Trump can't figure out why Jews support Obama. That is because there is no room for Jews in conservative "Murica."

PFAW’s New Ad Calls Out the RNC for Israel Trip with Hate Group

PFAW says, "We deserve to know why Republicans continue to stand with this hate group after years of offensive statements by their leaders"

Anti-Semitic Hate Group Funding Republican National Committee Israel Trip

Now, it is apparently official that the Republican National Committee is closely-aligned with an official hate group according reports the RNC is accepting an all-expenses paid trip to Israel despite rightful criticism from the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and an Israeli newspaper.

It’s On! Ben “I’m not crazy” Carson Exploring 2016 Presidential Bid

Feeling "fingers from God" but assuring us he is not crazy, Ben Carson has appointed an Iowa operative for a possible presidential run in 2016

2016 GOP Hopeful Ben Carson Compares ISIL Militants To America’s Founding Fathers

On Thursday, during a speech at the Republican National Committee's Winter Meeting, neurosurgeon and potential 2016 GOP Presidential candidate Ben Carson equated Islmaic State militants to American patriots who fought in the Revolutionary War.

RNC Member Causing Headaches For GOP By Refusing To Resign After Racist Facebook Post

Just ahead of the Republican National Committee's Winter Meeting, where the GOP will address their need to appeal to non-white voters, a committeeman's bigoted and racists statements on social media are giving headaches to RNC members.

RNC Allies with Christian Nationalist Who Calls U.S. Constitution “the Wrong Train”

David Lane, never mentioned by the MSM, is a big supporter of Rand Paul, Mike Huckabee, Bobby Jindal, Rick Perry, Mike Pence, and Ted Cruz

GOP Dark Money Guru Faces Embarrassing Loss As His Own Super PAC Raises Zero Dollars

The SuperPAC to elect Ed Gillespie, co-founder with Karl Rove of the big dark money PAC American Crossroads, raised zero dollars in the third quarter

Michael Steele Says There Is a ‘Lot of Interest’ in Having Eric Cantor Run the RNC

Despite Eric Cantor's humiliating defeat on Tuesday, Michael Steele claims there is a lot of interest in getting him to chair the RNC.

Duck Dynasty’s Toxic Homophobe Phil Robertson Invited To Speak At GOP’s Leadership Event

Phil Robertson, the patriarch of the family featured on A&E's one-time hit show 'Duck Dynasty,' will be a featured speaker at the Republican Leadership Conference this coming Thursday.

House Republicans Kick Off 2014 By Ignoring Everything the American People Want

Republicans began 2014 the same way they started the past three years; working solely for their special interests' campaign donations and against the American people.

RNC Tries to Cover Tracks Over Tweet Saying Racism has Ended

People took to Twitter and other social media lambasting the RNC for suggesting that racism ended in 1955. The RNC has tried to backtrack since.