It’s The Kochs, Not Republicans Prohibiting A SCOTUS Nominee Vote

The mainstream media must identify the real American government and Supreme Court “hostage takers;” the Koch brothers

ObamaCare Is Helping Democrats By Dividing, Conquering, and Devastating Republicans

Republicans ran on repealing ObamaCare but it turns out that didn't really mean repealing ObamaCare. Not all of it. Not the parts that would get really noticed in an election year.

Democrats Lost Because They Wasted Their Most Valuable Weapon in the Midterms

Barack Obama is still the President, and his administration's record achievements over the past five-and-a-half years were squandered by Democratic candidates intent on appearing to be more like Republicans than Democrats affiliated with a President with a record of successes.

Mitt Romney Tells The Ultimate Lie: Democrats Are The Real Party Of No

mitt romney fox news sunday republican senate

Mitt Romney can't stop lying. On Fox News Sunday, Romney claimed that if Republicans win the Senate they will prove that Democrats are the real party of no.