Conservative Christians Claim They Should be Able to Spew Hate Without Consequence

Please Disregard Above: We No Longer Hate Gays

Conservative Christians want to be able to spew hate and lies but for nobody to have the right to disagree with or refute them

Iraq War Propagandist Accuses Obama of Encouraging Criminal Behavior with Plan B

Blakeman said that since having sex at the age of 15 can be statutory rape, President Obama is encouraging criminal behavior by making Plan B available over the counter.

Buster Wilson Wakes Up to Discover He’s a Hate Monger

Buster Wilson complains that if he believes what he says the Bible says about homosexuality, he is a hate monger

NBA Player Jason Collins Comes Out – Religious Right Apoplectic

NBA player Jason Collins says he's gay; the religious right says he is immoral and aberrant and so are we for supporting him

Shady GOP TN Lawmaker Sponsors Ag Gag Bill After Taking Gifts from Farm Bureau

Tennessee Republican State Representative Andy Holt (R-Dresden) doesn't seem to understand how to get away with creepy things and bad laws in the digital age.

Larry Pratt: Bombing Seen by Liberals as Opportunity to Increase Government Control

Republicans want bombing suspect treated as enemy combatant but it's liberals who want increased government control?

The GOP’s Boston-inspired Insanity

The GOP: Sodomizing our shared reality - and you

Kansas Republican Tim Huelskamp Put the Fool in April Fool’s Day

Kansas Republican Tim Huelskamp says marriage equality is unpatriotic and will destroy the family and motherhood - and even your apple pie

God Wills It! Things You Will Never Hear an Atheist Say

When Reshad Riddle gunned down his father at Church, he didn't say his act was the will of atheism.

World Net Daily to PoliticusUSA: Facts are anti-Semitic

Reality-challenged Joseph Farah of World Net Daily feels that inconvenient and uncongenial facts about ancient Israel are anti-Semitic.

Glenn Beck Fears for Humanity’s Future and He Wants You to be Afraid Too

Glenn Beck reacts with his usual hysteria to the idea of the Singularity and humankind's next leap forward: the Singularity.

Conservatives Release the Propaganda Hounds in Defense of Religious Bigotry

A collection of WTF Boy Scout moments, brought to you by the party that hasn't read the Bible they're using to beat us over the head

Fundamentalist Says Refrigeration Removes Sin. Tough Luck Gays and Lesbians!

Oklahoma Pastor James Taylor says if you can refrigerate something (like shellfish) it isn't an abomination anymore

The IQ-Killing Plague Driving the Gun Lobby

What might an alien observer make of the seeming disease causing humans to shun science for superstition?

Right Wing Insanity Boils Over With Claim Marriage Equality Caused Noah’s Flood

Right wing Pastor Scott Lively hit a new level of crazy even for the far right by claiming that same sex marriage caused Noah's Flood.

Its the End of the World as You Know It

Joseph Farah wants you to believe an angry God is about to snuff us out, but first we have to survive the Republicans

When Your Doctor Offers to Pray for You

We go to medical doctors for medical care based on the most recent medical science, not for prayers

Republican Congressman Says He’s Not Convinced Sandy Victims Need Relief

Kansas Republican Rep. Tim Huelskamp told AFA Director of Issues Analysis Bryan Fischer that he saw no real need for disaster relief for Hurricane Sandy victims.

Sanity Prevails in New Orleans as Revisionist Texas Textbooks Banished

Six schools have been saved for science in New Orleans, where humans will never walk with dinosaurs and Noah's flood did not create the Grand Canyon

Bryan Fischer Claims Homosexuality is a Birth Defect

The American Family Association's Bryan Fischer misrepresents a scientific study to claim that homosexuality is a birth defect