Republican War on Women

This is War: Women Are In Pain and Republicans Are Mocking Us

But by Monday, I knew it was a lifetime war. Tuesday I knew I would get there. And I will.

3 years ago

Under Trump Women’s Reproductive Rights Reeling Under Onslaught of Anti-Choice Bills

Indiana SB 118 "Removes provisions allowing a pregnant woman to decline to view the fetal ultrasound imaging and hear the…

5 years ago

Thank You Donald Trump For Proving Democrats Right About Republican Sexism

Donald Trump's overt misogyny and sexism draw attention to the motive and meaning of the Republican Party's policies designed to…

5 years ago

Gallup: 7 Out of 10 Women Have Unfavorable View of Trump

7 out of 10 women have an unfavorable opinion of Trump, and almost 6 out of 10 men, and only…

6 years ago

‘Misogynistas’ Trump and Cruz Race to See Who Can Hate Women More

It’s more than a bit like saying to women, “Vote for us, and we’ll take away your rights.” It’s EXACTLY…

6 years ago

Conservative Attitudes Toward Women Haven’t Evolved in 2000 Years

Women stood up for their rights in the Roman forum 2000 years ago, and women today are forced to do…

6 years ago

Republican Failures Are Distracting Voters Again With A Secret Weapon

Ohio’s John Kasich and Sam Brownback of Kansas are just the latest Republicans to use abortion to distract their residents…

6 years ago

Study Documents The Transformation of Women’s Legal Status From Persons To Birthing Vessels

Women today are living out The Handmaid's Tale, where faulty "birthing vessels" are prosecuted for failing to perform as a…

6 years ago

House Democrats Blast Republican Plan to Create Committee on Planned Parenthood

When House Republicans announced a new witch hunt against Planned Parenthood, Democrats were swift and decisive in their response

6 years ago

Hillary Clinton Slams Republicans for Plan to Shut Down Government Over Planned Parenthood

Clinton called out the Republican "race to the bottom," their hateful rhetoric and lies used as an excuse to shut…

6 years ago

Arsonist Burns Planned Parenthood Building As War On Women Burns On

Arson was ruled the cause of a fire that burned a Planned Parenthood health center early Friday morning in Pullman,…

6 years ago

Pope Francis Outshines Republicans by Forgiving Women Who Have Had Abortions

The Pope, once again, has moved in the opposite direction of the Republican mainstream, declaring that, as part of the…

6 years ago

Hillary Clinton Is Right – Republicans Are Terrorists

The reason Republicans are attacking Clinton over non-issues is that they are terrified that she is neither intimidated by nor…

6 years ago

Ted Cruz Urges Pastors to Join His War on Women

Thinking like a terrorist, Cruz wants pastors to help him radicalize their congregations to join his war on women with…

6 years ago

Hillary Clinton Nails it: 2016 is the Attack of the Republican Clones

Clinton points out that all 2016 Republican contenders are the same, and they do have their misogyny in common, and…

6 years ago

Marco Rubio Thinks Rape Victims Who Become Pregnant Should Be Forced To Give Birth

Marco Rubio supports government enforced childbirth for rape and incest victims who get pregnant through no fault of their own.

6 years ago

Trump Proves at GOP Debate He Has no Respect for Women

Trump told Megyn Kelly, "I've been very nice to you, although I could probably maybe not be, based on the…

6 years ago

Mike Huckabee Says he Will Use Military to Prevent Abortion

Asked in Iowa how he could stop abortion when it's perfectly legal, Huckabee said, "We'll see, if I get to…

6 years ago

2015 Began with 332 Anti-Choice Provisions in Just Three Months

Susan B. Anthony List has called a rape exception "abominable," "regrettable," "just wrong" and "completely intellectually dishonest."

6 years ago

Oklahoma Rep. Says He’d Set Self on Fire Over Abortion – if Only His Beliefs Allowed It

You really have to admire the courage of Religious Right figures who, like Jerry Boykin and the Benham brothers, say…

7 years ago

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