Roe V Wade @ 39: The Struggle For Female Liberty Continues

In the South and Midwest of our country, an evil struggling against female freedom is winning ground. In Mississippi, a woman is charged with murder for giving birth to a still born. In Alabama, a mother of three awaits a ten year sentence for a Cesarean that resulted in the death of her baby. In South Carolina, over 300 women have been charged with some form of fetal homicide. In Indiana, a young woman who tried to kill herself by taking rat poison is in jail, charged with murder and attempted fetal homicide. read more

Rick Perry’s New Enemy – America’s Ally Turkey

In the latest gaffe by a GOP presidential hopeful, Rick Perry singled out America's ally Turkey, claiming it is led by Islamic terrorists

The Dirty Thirty – New Year’s Edition

The Dirty Thirty New Year's Edition updates our survey of the GOP's war on women, the environment, education, voting rights and more

Ralph Reed Wants You to Believe Evangelical Vote is a Myth

Ralph Reed, who was so instrumental in the Religious Right's takeover of the GOP, now wants you to believe that the Evangelical vote is a myth

Republicans Hang a Whites Only Sign on America

Republicans have adopted the old definition that says an American is white, and have added the stipulation that one must also be a Christian

The Dirty Thirty Year End Edition

The Dirty Thirty Year-End edition is a recap of legislation, local, state and federal, the GOP is using to destroy America