Republican ‘Cancel Culture’ Hits New Low With Attacks Against D.C. Police

Sometimes we have to give republican pundits and lawmakers credit. They're really good at herding their right-wing hate media flock away…

2 months ago

“I Wish I Never F’ing Met Trump” Alex Jones Slams the Former President in Leaked Video

Donald Trump has been beneficial to Alex Jones' career. Not only did the former president provide Jones with countless story…

7 months ago

Former RNC Chairman: Trump’s Racism Has Taken Over the GOP

Michael Steele, a former chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC) knows a lot about racism. He is an African…

3 years ago

Voting Rights Group Sues GOP Brian Kemp for Boosting His Campaign by Depressing Minority Votes

U.S. voting rights advocacy groups on Thursday sued Georgia's top election official, Secretary of State Brian Kemp, accusing him of…

3 years ago

Republicans Just Formed A Secret Committee To Discredit Robert Mueller’s Russia Investigation

The question is no longer whether the behavior of these Republicans is going to cause long-lasting damage to U.S. democracy…

4 years ago

Fox News Desperately Tries To Protect Accused Child Sexual Assaulter Roy Moore with Fake Claim of “Forgery”

Partisan Fox News is so desperate to help Republicans keep the Alabama Senate seat that they are inventing lies to…

4 years ago

Key Dem Promises Bipartisan ‘Firestorm’ If Trump Fires Bob Mueller For Looking At Tax Returns

"There's a likelihood that there will be a confrontation. And if there's a confrontation and if there's a threat to…

4 years ago

Insecure Trump Retweets Old Junk Poll To Make Himself Feel Better About Plummeting Approval

Polls showing the president this close to a majority approval rating are impossible to come by because they don't exist,…

4 years ago

A Terrified Trump Tweets Warnings About Georgia Democrat Jon Ossoff

"Democrat Jon Ossoff would be a disaster in Congress. VERY weak on crime and illegal immigration, bad for jobs and…

4 years ago

Desperate Trump Records Last-Minute Robocall To Stop Surging Georgia Democrat Jon Ossoff

According to a recent poll, Ossoff's support is just over 45 percent – not far from the 50 percent he…

4 years ago

Callous Kasich Tells Retiree Worried He Intends To Slash Social Security To “Get Over It”

Kasich dismissed criticism of his attitude as "silly" and said "difficult" changes are necessary in order to stabilize Social Security

6 years ago

Dark Red Oklahoma Angers Big Oil And Gas: Energy Practices Causing State’s Earthquakes

As the nation commemorates Earth Day 2015 this week with a variety of observances, activities and awareness campaigns, it's the…

6 years ago

Undaunted Patriots Fight Republican Block the Vote Tyranny

The American people are truly exceptional and it is heartening to know they will continue to fight against Republican tyranny…

7 years ago

Introducing the Current Era of New and Largely Unknown Republican House Leaders

Word has it that a California Republican Representative named McCarthy is in line to take over Eric Cantor's post as…

7 years ago

What the 4th of July Means To Me: By A. Republican

Today, our nation celebrates its birth. Our Conservative Christian founding fathers created the most durable, long-lasting, and unchangeable documents in…

8 years ago

Romney Bombs: Convention Speech Draws 13 Million Fewer Viewers than McCain in ’08

Mitt Romney's convention speech was watched 25 million Americans, which is 13 million fewer viewers than watched John McCain accept…

9 years ago

The Ghost of Ayn Rand Haunts Paul Ryan

Don't tell Paul Ryan, but many of his positions go against everything that Ayn Rand stood for.

9 years ago

California: Keynesian Economics Put to Test

When red states ran by Republican governors cut social programs, California's Gov. Jerry Brown is doing just the opposite...much to…

9 years ago

Chick-Fil-A Gets Fileted

Things have gotten so bad for Chick-fil-A and the right that Republicans are calling upon their conservative LGBTQ members in…

9 years ago

The Real Motivation Behind Repealing ObamaCare is Racism

So why would the Heritage Foundation want to repeal the Affordable Care Act? To be blunt? Because Obama is black.

9 years ago

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