Socialist Republican Pundits: They Exist!

Funny thing about Republican/conservative pundits who tout: Socialism is bad or Pick yourself from your bootstraps, many pf them in…

9 years ago

Tax-Hating Republicans Meet Mother Nature

Fighting the Colorado wildfires costs a lot of money, and now the tax hating Republicans in the state are begging…

9 years ago

GOP Reality Check: Reagan Added Public Sector Jobs During a Recession

This is a huge reason for the stubborn unemployment! President Obama doesn't have the benefit of adding public workers to…

9 years ago

How Many Otherwise Socially Liberal Men Have Abandoned Reproductive Rights?

Some of Ron Paul's otherwise socially liberal followers are an example of men who have turned their backs on reproductive…

9 years ago

Debunking The Right Wing Claims of Death Threats Against Scott Walker

An examination of the 'death threats' against Scott Walker hints at their likely source being an illiterate tea partier.

9 years ago

Wrong Scott Walker or Political Smokescreen: Questions Remain On Walker Baby Daddy Story

A reporter claims that the wrong Scott Walker was fingered in the baby daddy scandal but does his email hold…

9 years ago

Republican Rep. Eric Cantor Brags About Committing Treason

Eric Cantor (R-VA) will soon be the Majority Leader of the House, and he has joined the ranks of treasonous…

11 years ago

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