Republicans Admit That They Have No Plan To Lower Healthcare Costs

Republicans admitted that they are running against socialism in 2020 because they have no plan to lower the cost of healthcare.

Energized Democrats Surge Toward Midterms As Trump Is Losing On Immigration and Trade

Trump has made immigration and trade the two centerpiece issues of his midterm election strategy, but a new poll shows that he is losing on both as Democrats have surged to a double-digit lead on enthusiasm.

Adam Schiff Storms The House Floor And Blasts Republicans For Not Doing Their Jobs

Adam Schiff

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) told House Republicans to wake up and do their jobs of oversight on Trump because America needs them.

Broward County Sheriff Busts NRA Talking Points: ‘We Need Less Guns In America, Not More’

"Lawmakers got to change the way they do things. The same old same old just ain't working. ... We need less guns in America, not more guns in America."

Shep Smith Gives Fox Viewers Reality Check By Naming Every Fatal School Shooting Since Columbine

"Since Columbine in 1999, there have been 25 fatal, active school shooting incidents at elementary and high schools in America," the Fox Host told his viewers.

Dem Senator Says The Best Way For Congress To Govern Is To Pretend Trump Doesn’t Exist

Chris Coons

Negotiating with Trump is a waste of time. Not only does he lack a firm grasp of the issues, but he often just agrees with the last person he spoke to.

House GOP Passes Cynical Spending Bill That Senate Democrats Are Already Planning To Smack Down

Senate Republicans aren't likely to win over enough Democrats to pass their cynical spending bill.

Democrats Take 18-Point Lead In Midterm Matchup As Voters Are Eager To Punish GOP For Tax Scam

Democrats lead the GOP by a whopping 18 points among registered voters – the largest lead they've held in two decade's worth of midterm election cycles.

‘People Aren’t Stupid’: Bernie Sanders Shuts Down GOP Tax Scam In 15 Seconds

Sanders took a machete to the Republican tax scam on Monday, saying that it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why it’s so unpopular.

Exclusive: Secret witness in Senate Clinton probe is ex-lobbyist for Russian firm

The Senate committee searching for Clinton's alleged wrongdoing is keeping their witness's name cloaked. However, William D. Campbell, a lobbyist, confirmed to Reuters he is the informant who will testify and provide documents to Congress about the Obama Administration’s 2010 approval of the sale of Uranium One, a Canadian company with uranium mines in the United States, to Russia's Rosatom.

Panicking GOP Might Postpone Alabama Senate Election As Roy Moore Crumbles

If you can't handle the scrutiny of a political campaign – if you need to postpone it until the smoke of a teenage sex scandal blows over – then you shouldn't be running in the first place.