House GOP Humors the Tea Party with an Empty Constitutional Gesture

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The reality is that the new rule requiring constitutional endorsement for legislation is a symbolic means to appease the tea party movement who voted for Republicans in the midterm election. Maybe for intellectually challenged legislators like Michelle Bachmann, the rule will satisfy her wish to take the country back to the 18th century. But she is stupid if she misses the point that the Constitution is not a clear document, but a guide for governance across the ages, and she certainly short changes the Founders by expecting the Constitution to address specific issues in the 21st century.

Debunking the Conservative Myth of American Exceptionalism

Many Republicans and Tea Party groups are of the misguided opinion that America has the right to do whatever it chooses in the world and that the choices it does make are perfect. Although America is a great country and one of the world's super-powers, it does not always make the right decisions and is not exceptional. The phrase "American exceptionalism" is thrown around continuously by conservatives who believe that America is without fault, and it leads to discriminatory policies abroad and here at home. There are myriad reasons why America is not exceptional, and it boils down to one problem; conservatives.

Wikileaks and The Extreme Hypocrisy of Sarah Palin

The release of documents by Wikileaks has caused some embarrassing moments for American diplomats, and there are calls for the arrest of Julian Assange for treason and many on the right claim he is a traitor. One could excuse the harsh rhetoric from Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, and right if they had expressed the same outrage during the Bush era for the lies and deception used as a reason to invade Iraq and wage war on innocent Iraqis.

Dismantling Democracy One Disenfranchised Voter at a Time

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One of the main themes from conservatives is to follow the Constitution strictly, and in fact, every civil servant and politician takes an oath to preserve and protect the Constitution of the United States…so help them God. However, with God’s help or not, there are several Senators and Congressmen in the Republican Party who refuse to preserve and protect the Constitution; instead, they want to dismantle it to restrict the right to vote for the majority of Americans.

The Same Old Deal: The GOP’s Fight Against the Ghost of FDR


Like the Obama Administration, Liberal groups, and Secular Humanists, Franklin Delano Roosevelt believed that Americans deserved security in their lives, and worked tirelessly to provide the very things that today's Republicans obstruct and deny for citizens. Republicans fought tooth and nail to stop Social Security for older citizens and it is no different today. Republicans propose the hideous idea that health care, unemployment protection, a living wage, and economic protection are privileges and not an inherent right for being an American citizen.

Welfare or Warfare: Keeping Defense Contractors Rich While America Crumbles

Republicans want to take the country back to the 1950s, and they want to cut taxes for the wealthy claiming it is good for the economy even though the Bush-era tax cuts have not created jobs or stimulated the economy. Republicans also oppose cutting defense spending that drains the economy and takes valuable resources that could rebuild our crumbling infrastructure and create jobs.

American Pariah: Why the Founding Fathers Would Reject the GOP

Republican lawmakers, pundits, and Tea Party patriots all claim a desire to return to the Founding Father’s view of America and a strict constitutional interpretation of governance in America. The problem is that the Founders had a very different idea of America than these new constitutionalists, and they would reject the philosophy that the rich and industrialists should have the power to control the government.