Opinion: Either Americans Unite Against Trump or Divided We Will All Fall

Trump hugs American flag

Trump has cleverly enlisted the help of closeted bigots who gleefully embrace his Jim Crow idealism and ushered them into the light. Racism is now front and center in our country, and the maestro of this mayhem is the President of the United States of America. However, if our fate as a country is left in the hands of Mr. Trump, these states will no longer be united and divided we will all fall.

Opinion: After The Malignancy of Donald Trump It’s Up To Us To #MAGA

The President of the United States is not befitting of his position, as he has been proven to be an instrument of historical incompetence and divisiveness. America has been thrust into civil unrest and political upheaval, that hasn't been witnessed in decades. The only saving grace for the future advancement of the world's most celebrated democracy is us...We The People.

Opinion: Upset About NFL Players Protest? You Can’t See The Forest For The Trees

Behind the images of NFL players kneeling, raising fists, locked arm in arm or skipping the national anthem entirely is a message that's being drowned out by noise surrounding the method of protest. From the king of ignorance, Donald Trump, down to everyday Americans, many are egregiously guilty of not seeing the forest through the trees.

Massive ‘Impeach Trump’ Sign Steals The Show As Baseball Season Kicks Off In D.C.

Impeach Trump

The Nationals were able to secure their first win of the season on Monday. Trump, on the other hand, is still winless.

The Resistance Won’t Be Denied, Activists Detained for Disrupting Trump Inaugural

“Today we disrupted President Trump's swearing-in ceremony to show the world, and our fellow Americans, that the resistance starts now,” said one of the activists, Claire Sandberg with AllofUs.

Obama Gave The US the Greatest Gift and It’s One We’re Going To Need Now

Trump will destroy many things, but he won’t destroy the memory of a great president or the wake of hope Obama left behind him.