Report: Matt Gaetz Begged Newsmax For a Job But the Conservative Network Turned Him Down

Report: Matt Gaetz Begged Newsmax For a Job But the Conservative Network Turned Him Down

Back in late March, Axios published a story about Matt Gaetz retiring from congress and working in Conservative media. The…

2 years ago

Trump Doesn’t Believe America Will Elect “Incompetent” Joe Biden

The President doesn't believe polls showing him losing to Joe Biden. Donald Trump has dismissed the idea that Americans will…

4 years ago

Florida school shooting suspect called troubled ex-student who loved guns

The man accused of opening fire at a Florida high school on Wednesday, killing 17 people, was a troubled former…

6 years ago

Exclusive: Tech companies to lobby for immigrant ‘Dreamers’ to remain in U.S.

Nearly two dozen major U.S. companies in technology and other industries are planning to launch a coalition to demand legislation…

6 years ago

Poll Finds Americans Overwhelmingly Oppose Religious Based Anti-Gay Bigotry

A solid majority of Americans oppose discrimination against gays and lesbians, even if it is based on religious beliefs.

9 years ago

Frantic Bibi Goes Bonkers, Blames International Leftist Plot For His Sagging Poll Numbers

Bibi is pulling out all the stops in a last-ditch effort to stave off the possibility of an embarrassing result…

9 years ago

Black Cops Feel Threatened By And Fear Other (White) Officers

Black New York City police officers admitted they are regularly racially profiled by white officers and worse

9 years ago

No Time Like The Present: Why Historical Midterm Voting Patterns Could Mean A November Upset

Midterms tend to be viewed, both individually and in the eyes of media pundits, as a referendum on the sitting…

9 years ago

A Close Look at the Subculture of Snooping. It’s a Lot Worse Than You Think!

There is almost no way to protect yourself from people snooping into your business whether it's the government or your…

10 years ago

Romney Pays Dearly for Making the Fatal Mistake of Lying about Corporations

Mitt Romney has been smearing people his entire campaign, but when he took down GM and Chrysler, the press woke…

11 years ago