It’s Time to Break Up With Texas

Suspending a boy for threatening with a magic ring that doesn't exist to trying to change the nature of math are just a few of Texas' sins

Lynching Obama

Republicans just can't get over the fact that they can no longer get together and lynch the black guy they found in the white neighborhood

Rick Perry Quotes Jesus To Justify Income Inequality and Poverty

Perry's message is clear; there is no reason to address poverty, income inequality, or make any effort to help those suffering, and people in Texas are suffering, but not because it is written in scripture.

No Texas Messiah: A Requiem for Rick Perry

Rick Perry is another in a growing collection of GOP banditti. In the old days, the Texas Rangers would have been hunting him down. In today's Texas, he was their boss

Texas Republican Proposes Another Civil War By Ending The Union Through Nullification

The Civil War is something a Texas Republican legislator, Dan Flynn, is attempting to repeat through a proposal that empowers just two Texas Republicans, the state house speaker and lieutenant governor, with authority to suspend any federal law within Texas's border.

Six House Democrats Call on DOJ to Investigate Texas AG- Greg Abbott’s Dirty Dealings with TEF

So far, Greg Abbott has used his power as Attorney-General of Texas to obstruct the release of documents that would shed light on Governor Rick Perry’s oversight of Texas Enterprise Fund and its mishandling of millions of Texas taxpayer dollars.  However, the demand for answers increases from a variety of sources, including Wendy Davis and the press. Now members of Congress are asking the DOJ to investigate dirty dealings between Rick Perry’s Office and the Fund.   Since Abbott used his power as Attorney-General to conceal what may be illegal and unethical activities by Rick Perry, this does not bode well for Abbott’s quest to replace Perry at the Governor’s Office. read more

Pat Roberts of Kansas Goes All Tea Party and Warns of National Socialism

Losing at the polls in Kansas to independent candidate and X-Factor Chad Orman, incumbent Republican Sen. Pat Roberts is pulling out all stops. That means campaigning with 91-year-old former Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole at Dodge City event in what Philip Rucker of the Washington Post styled a “geriatric rescue mission” – and if that doesn’t work, using the dreaded ‘s’ word: socialism. read more

Rick Perry Idiotically Cites Joan Rivers’ Death To Justify Texas Anti-Abortion Law

During an appearance at the Texas Tribune Festival on Sunday, Republican Texas Governor Rick Perry tried to use Joan Rivers' death to defend HB2, the restrictive anti-abortion bill that was passed by the Texas legislature earlier this year, but later struck down by a federal judge.

The Right of Self Defense in Texas Completely Depends on Race

The Texas cases are telling in that there are two dead police officers as a result of not identifying themselves as law enforcement while breaking into private residences in the early morning hours. It is also revealing that a grand jury found that a white man who shot and killed what he thought was an armed intruder acted in self-defense, while a Black man in identical circumstances is charged by a prosecutor with capital murder and faces the death penalty.