Rick Wilson

“He Doesn’t Give a Damn” Watch as Rick Wilson Blasts Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

The Delta variant is raging in Florida. And the state is nearly setting daily records for cases of COVID-19. One…

1 year ago

Rick Wilson Warns Democrats: Seize Your Power Or Republicans Will Make The Next Election The Last

Rick Wilson warns Democrats: "Here's what you don't get; the Trump GOP as comprised today isn't stupid. It's evil. They're…

2 years ago

WATCH: Rick Wilson Says if GOP Regains Control They Will Immediately Impeach Biden and Harris

For many years, Rick Wilson worked for the Republican party helping candidates get elected. Over the last few years, the…

2 years ago

Opinion: As Impeachment Trial Begins, Let’s Remember The Republican History Of Big Lies

The “big lie” is not unique to Trump but rather constitutes a long-standing Republican tradition and political practice that, far…

2 years ago

Conservative Rick Wilson: Trump Is “Sweaty and Terrified” After Story Claiming He Mocked Dead Troops

Conservative Rick Wilson suggested on Friday that the Trump White House is in a panic following a story claiming the…

2 years ago

Critics Pile on Trump for Floating Election Delay: “He Knows He’s Going to Lose”

Donald Trump's suggestion that the election should be postponed was immediately met with outrage, mockery and dismissal on Thursday from…

3 years ago

William Barr Criticizes “Extreme Reaction” to George Floyd’s Death

William Barr has branded protests in the wake of George Floyd's death "extreme" as protests continue throughout the country and…

3 years ago

Rick Wilson Slams “Drunk Uncle” Trump: “A Campaign In Steep Decline”

Conservative Rick Wilson has compared Donald Trump to a "drunk uncle" following his rambling impromptu press conference on Tuesday. He…

3 years ago

Opinion: Let Republicans Help Defeat Trump, but Don’t Be Fooled

The Lincoln Project republicans came out in full force last December, declaring in a New York Times op-ed their mission…

3 years ago

Conservative Rick Wilson: People Will Piss on Trump’s Grave Because of His “Treason”

Rick Wilson is holding nothing back these days in his criticism of Donald Trump. The former Republican political strategist openly…

3 years ago

Critics Shred Trump’s Newest Conspiracy: “Crown Jewel of Absolute Dumbf*ckery”

Donald Trump's critics have rounded on him after he shared a conspiracy about a 75-year-old peace activist. The President told…

3 years ago

Rick Wilson Calls Trump’s Social Media Executive Order “Vomit” and Slams Its “Ludicrously Wrong” Supporters

Conservative Rick Wilson has preemptively attacked Donald Trump's impending executive order on social media. He also warned Republicans it could…

3 years ago

Shania Twain Is Showing That Donald Trump Is Radioactive

Republican consultant Rick Wilson wrote a book called "Everything Trump Touches Dies" and this morning's news is showing just how…

5 years ago

GOP Strategist Rick Wilson Tells Ivanka Trump A Car Trip To Prison Not The White House Is Her Future

Republican strategist Rick Wilson said on CNN that Ivanka Trump is more likely to be driving to visit her husband…

5 years ago

GOP Strategist Goes Off On The President: ‘Everything Trump Touches Dies’

"The stilted nature of the text alone was sort of a tell that President Unindicted Co-conspirator was involved," Rick Wilson…

6 years ago

Republican Strategist Tells White House Staffers To Dump Trump And Save Themselves

Republican political strategist Rick Wilson, who knows a thing or two about D.C., has some rather terrifying advice for White…

6 years ago

Trump Russia Defense a ‘Bullsh*t Tornado’ of Magic Spells and Rejected X-Files Scripts

Pitted against the US intel community (IC) we find a 'bullsh*t tornado' of what Rick Wilson calls "magic spells and…

6 years ago

GOP Strategist Rick Wilson Burns Donald Trump’s Presidency to the Ground

"Trump's poll numbers suck for a reason. It's not complicated. He. Is. Bad. At. Being. President."

6 years ago

GOP Strategist: Trumpcare Was a “Flatulent Mass of Trump’s Own Fantasy’

"Trump was trying to sell what Trump always sells, which is sort of a flatulent mass of his own fantasy…

6 years ago

GOP Strategist Drops Some Reality: If Obama Wanted to Get Trump, He’d Have Leaked His Tax Returns

After Trump accused President Obama, without evidence, of personally abusing his power to spy on Trump, Republican strategist Rick Wilson…

6 years ago

Republican Strategist Hit Trump With The Truth That FBI Has Warrant To Investigate Russia Ties

National Republican political strategist and media consultant Rick Wilson reminded President Trump this morning that the wiretapping was hardly a…

6 years ago

Leading GOP Strategist Labels Trump and His Supporters Traitors

"What’s closer to treason? Political opposition to a candidate, or siding with a hostile foreign power in the Intel war?”

6 years ago

Republican Strategist Rick Wilson Slams Trump’s ‘Neo-Nazi’ Base Of Supporters

Rick Wilson, one of the most outspoken #NeverTrump Republican figures, tore into Trump's "neo-Nazi" fanbase on Tuesday night, saying Trump…

7 years ago