Lindsey Graham, Who Helped Incite Insurrection, Says He Hopes All Rioters Are Prosecuted

In the run-up to the January 6th insurrection, Lindsey Graham did plenty to help Donald Trump spread misinformation. The South…

4 months ago

WATCH: Host From Alex Jones’ InfoWars Says Rioters Should Be Proud of What They Accomplished on January 6th

It has only taken a few months for Republicans to try and gaslight Americans about the January 6th insurrection. Last…

5 months ago

Former Defense Secretary: Trump Wanted National Guard to Protect the Rioters

On Wednesday, former Acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller spoke to lawmakers. And while it was known that Trump's actions on…

6 months ago

Tucker Carlson Began Tonight’s Show Defending Insurrectionist Who Ran Around the Capitol With Zip Ties

On January 6th of this year, a mob of Trump supporters attacked the United States Capitol. While some of the…

7 months ago

Tucker Carlson Doesn’t Think White Supremacists Should be Called Domestic Terrorists

Just a few weeks ago, a mob of Donald Trump supporters stormed the United States Capitol. A number of those…

9 months ago

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