Republican Religious Freedom Hypocrites Call For Profiling American Muslims

With Republicans inciting more anti-Muslim sentiment, there will be more incidents of racial and religious profiling that Republicans never extended to white Christians guilty of terrorist attacks.

The NRA and the Republican Party Made It Easier For The Boston Bombers to Get Weapons

With Republican support, the NRA successfully created an environment that made access to firearms easier for the alleged bombers.

House Republicans Praise Exxon for Arkansas Oil Spill That Taxpayers are Cleaning Up

House Republicans praised Exxon and expect Americans to give them a "pat on the back" for saddling taxpayers with the cost of cleaning up their tar spill.

Gay Marriage Has Created a Rift Between the Religious Right and the Republican Party

Support from religious conservatives is in jeopardy as Republicans are accepting the idea the gay community deserves the same right to marry as heterosexual couples.

Senate Republicans Have Shamed America By Ignoring the Will of 92% of the Population

Today was a shameful day for America because 8% of the population, Ted Nugent and Wayne La Pierre, ALEC, and gun-crazed Republicans thumbed their noses at the great majority of Americans.

House Republicans Warn That They Will Obstruct Guns and Immigration Bills

John Boehner's conservative caucus is ready to obstruct immigration reform and gun safety legislation because it is contrary to their ideology.

The Date and Location Could Yield Significant Clues In the Boston Terror Attack

It is not too early to note the significance of the date and location that make speculating the bombings were a domestic terror attack as reasonable assumption as not.

Secret Audio Tape Reveals Mitch McConnell Committed At Least One Federal Crime

By all accounts, Sen. Mitch McConnell has violated Senate ethics standards and committed at least one federal crime; possibly two.

Denying Equal Pay is the Latest Republican Revenge Tactic Against Women

Republican attacks on women are purely ideological because despite women as an electoral force, the GOP made it clear that their assaults will be unrelenting.

House Republicans Try to Hijack Obama’s Constitutional Authority on Keystone XL

House Republicans have taken another step to relieve President Obama of his constitutional responsibility to approve a permit authorizing construction of Canada's Keystone XL pipeline.

Republicans Decide The Best Way To Help Poor Children Is To Give Them Less Food

Republicans are actively pursuing policies that target and punish the poor, or purposely keep them downtrodden as a punitive measure for being poor, and it characterizes the GOP across the nation.

Behind the Chained CPI Outrage Is an Obama Budget That Is a Democratic Wish List

The President's budget proposals contain a great deal of Democrats' long-cherished wishes and few are paying any attention.

Ted Nugent Threatens Violence and Launches A Racist Attack Against the President

Ted Nugent's opposition is not necessarily about guns, the Second Amendment, or government oppression, but about an African American sitting in the Oval Office.

House Republicans Dig In Their Heels and Refuse To Create Middle Class Jobs

The House Democrats plan is founded on creating jobs and a thriving middle class that will never see the light of day because creating anything positive is anathema to destructive Republicans.

Republicans Use Their Power to Establish State Religion and Steal Individual Rights

There are those who say the mood of the nation toward gays and women's rights are changing for the better, yet the far right is forging ahead to restrict their rights.

The Professional Left Is Handing Republicans Precisely What They Want

The professional left is really not different than the right in that they forget their past missteps and repeat them despite evidence they are on a path to hand Republicans precisely what they want.

The Koch Brothers War On Renewable Energy Is Killing Jobs and Destroying Our Air

With ALEC supplying Republicans Koch legislation to end renewable energy standards, Americans will lose jobs, clean air, inexpensive electricity, and increased business investments.

The Rich Get Richer From Tanking the Economy As The Poor Go To Jail For a Missed Payment

The rich are granted immunity from prosecution for robbing billions of dollars from millions of Americans and the poor are thrown in prison for missing a payment.

Republicans Celebrate as Americans Face Losing Their Jobs

Republicans will have plenty to celebrate as more Americans lose their jobs, people drop out of the workforce thanks to their sequester.

A Delusional Liz Cheney Projects Her Father’s Mistakes onto President Obama

The theme of Liz Cheney's fantasy screed was that Republicans had to start fighting back against President Obama or else freedom will be a distant memory.