Robert Gates

WATCH: Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates Says None of the Republicans He Worked With Would Recognize Current GOP

When Donald Trump ran for the Republican nomination in 2016, all of his opponents knew there was something wrong with…

2 years ago

Obama’s Former Defense Secretary on Trump: “At Least He Hasn’t Started Any New Wars”

A former Secretary of Defense offered faint praise of Donald Trump over the weekend. Robert Gates pointed to the President's…

3 years ago

Opinion: Top Security Experts: Bannon on Security Council Is Truly Scary and Crazy

“Trump is unhinged and ignorant. Bannon is nuts and malicious. If not supervised by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, their…

6 years ago

Exxon Consultants Condoleezza Rice and Robert Gates Endorse Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson

Gates says it's ok because he met Rex "through our mutual involvement in...the Boy Scouts of America" while Rice doesn't…

6 years ago

Robert Gates Criticizes Trump, So Trump Calls Him a ‘Total Disaster’

He knows nothing about me. But look at the results under his guidance - a total disaster!

7 years ago

Trump Is Having A Full Meltdown As Birtherism Resurfaces To Kill His Campaign

Since his birtherism became a story in the campaign, Donald Trump has gone into full meltdown mode. The Republican nominee…

7 years ago

Dem Rep Slams Do-Nothing Congress For Skipping Town Without Voting On War Authorization

During an appearance on Fox News Sunday, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) criticized Congress for leaving Washington on a lengthy recess…

9 years ago

Stephen Colbert Brilliantly Mocks The Neo-Con Fascination With Neverending War

On Monday night's episode of The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert brilliantly took down conservatives's positions on the wars in Iraq…

9 years ago

Robert Gates Smacks Down the GOP, ‘I agreed with all the president’s decisions on Afghanistan.’

Robert Gates smacked down Republicans who are using his book to criticize President Obama by saying,'I agreed with all the…

9 years ago

The Robert Gates Books Shows Exactly Why Obama Is a Good President

The media has fallen back into one of their favorite narratives about Obama being on the defensive, but they completely…

9 years ago

Lock Him Up: Why Terry Jones Needs Permanent Lodging at Guantanamo Bay

Pastor Terry Jones again tried to incite violence on September 11th. His vile actions deserve to land him in a…

10 years ago

SEAL Team 6 Gate Replaces Benghazi as Worst Scandal Ever

Benghazi was bigger than Watergate (and apparently, 9/11 as well) but "Seal Team 6-Gate" is bigger even than Benghazi! (and…

10 years ago

Even Republicans Are Destroying Their Own Party’s Benghazi Conspiracy Theories

Robert Gates mocked Republicans for their criticism of the Obama administration's handling of Benghazi, saying they had a 'cartoonish' impression…

10 years ago