Beyond Disowning Trump, GOP Apostates Must Be Accountable for History of Exploiting Political Offices at People’s Expense

Joe Scarborough, former Republican but still self-proclaimed conservative host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, has hoisted himself into media and political limelights of late with his popularizing of the moniker “Moscow Mitch” for senate majority leader Mitch McConnell, who has refused to bring to the senate floor for a vote a bill to fund measures to protect U.S. elections from Russian interference. read more

National Review Writer Claims Dems Sentimentalize Past Republicans. No, We Don’t

Donald Trump Latino vote

It is troubling that Republicans insist on projecting: making their problems a liberal or progressive problem. Like being blamed for Trump when it is beyond question that they built that without any help from us. All Donald Trump did was make even deplorable an already crude message. read more

Latest Gallup Tracking Poll Shows Obama Popularity Soaring Just In Time For Election

Barack Obama approval rating

According to Gallup, 57 percent of Americans believe the current president is doing a good job.

The Republican Party Has Gone Completely Insane As Pence Compares Trump To Reagan

donald trump

The Republican Party is so desperate to avoid the reality of Donald Trump that Gov. Mike Pence is comparing Trump to Ronald Reagan.

Rauner’s Illinois Portends America’s Disastrous Future Under GOP Rule: Part III of a Series Covering the Illinois Debacle

The GOP has given up on governing and instead dedicated itself to aggressively redistributing wealth to the top at the expense of the rest

Joseph Farah Offers Bizarre, Nonsensical Endorsement of Ted Cruz

Farah says Cruz is the 'real deal,' a new Reagan when all Democrats Sanders and Clinton offer us is the past - oh wait...Reagan is the past

Rafael Cruz Says His Lying Son is Telling the Truth Just like Jesus

Ted Cruz being persecuted for telling the truth like Jesus? The truth is, Rafael Cruz is the Father of Lies, because that's all Ted does

Donald Trump Drops the Reagan Bomb: Says He Has Evolved Like Reagan

Donald Trump is now evoking Ronald Reagan to explain the dramatic "evolution" of his political views from liberal to wacky conservative

Reagan Started the GOP’s Fascism Destroying America From Within

Reagan ushered in the first step of fascism, economic stagnation, when his extremist trickle down economic theory was imposed on the nation

Feuding Bill O’Reilly And George Will Get Into Heated Argument About Reagan Book

Conservative columnist George Will and Fox personality Bill O'Reilly engaged in a bickering match over O'Reilly's book "Killing Reagan."

Editorial Cartoon: Entertainer

Former Bush Adviser Claims Democrats Moved Further Left than Republicans Moved Right

Peter Wehner says the liberal claim that Republicans are the ones who have become more extreme over the years is a "self-flatting but false narrative."

Study: Thirty-five Years of Conservative Policies Contributed to Violence In Baltimore

The problem with the Republicans' argument and lies, and there are many, is that statistics continue to prove that conservative anti-government policies over the past thirty-five years have driven income inequality and degraded society and are every bit as responsible for the events in Baltimore as out-of-control police violence against African Americans.

Senate No-Show Cruz Criticizes Evangelicals Who Didn’t Show in 2008 and 2012

2016 may be the Year the mainstream media is surprised to discover there are actual Christians out there - and they don't vote Republican.

Delusional Michele Bachmann Thinks President Obama Has Virtually Guaranteed World War III

In a radio interview, former GOP Congresswoman Michele Bachmann asserted that President Obama's policies will lead to World War III.

More Bad News For Republicans As President Obama Sets A New Job Growth Record

obama accomplishments and legacy

Well, this is awkward for Republicans. The Obama economy has set yet another job growth record in the private sector.

Wisconsin Eliminating Weekends Is Another Koch Idea For A Nation of Slave Labor

scott walker emails

Democrats expected Walker to eliminate the state's 'prevailing wage' law requiring workers on public projects to be paid the established going rate for their labor. Instead of eliminating prevailing wage laws, Koch-Republicans' decided to eliminate weekends and impose a 'voluntary' 7-day work week.

Indiana Enacts Theocracy Legalizing Discrimination

On Thursday, Indiana Governor Mike Pence signed legislation legalizing discrimination based on the religious right's "free exercise" of their bigoted beliefs that Republicans in Indiana contend are the law of the land.

Republicans Are Paying For Making a Deal With Koch Devils

Republicans were so certain that if they allowed the Koch brothers to buy them control of Congress, no matter how extreme their new allies were, they would show Americans what it means to govern Republican style. Thus far they have failed miserably due to ceding control of the party to Koch-funded extremists who are more than willing to endanger the homeland and the American people to prove they hate President Obama.

Red State Voters Are Stupid For Electing Insane Republicans

One can hardly feel empathy for the people living under Republican extremists because unlike people suffering under fanatics in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan and ISIS-controlled Iraq; red state extremists are chosen by incredibly stupid Americans to govern.